Are You Free or Not?

in libertarian •  last year

I think anything that will restore full rights of anyone after they served time will be a good thing. Are you free or not? If you have committed some kind of crime, then serve your time, why are your rights not fully restored? In theory, you have paid your debt to society, whatever that means, so you should get all your guns and voter id card upon exit from prison right? Nope, you are denied your full rights. Good luck finding work too, because there is a check box on most applications that asked if you are a convicted felon. Want to find a place to rent after you get of prison? Same thing, most apartment complexes or houses for rent, are not going to take a chance and rent to you.

Your out of prison, but still in prison. You are a subhuman piece of garbage according to your neighbors who vote for bullshit like this. Politicians who write these types of laws also show how they want to control you. I know, I know those recently released convicts scare you so badly, that they need to have their entire life ruined for your comfort.

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I don't believe in a right to vote. Even in a voluntary government it should be a privilege reserved for people who are educated enough in basic economics, history, and psychology to understand the long term consequences of their decisions. I would say the same thing about driving, which requires a certain amount of spatial intelligence that some people don't have, and open carry, which should also require a certain level of competency. I do agree though that the current Just US system doesn't actually rehabilitate criminals. For this reason I think we should incorporate restorative justice programs for non-violent offenders and stop jailing people for not paying traffic fines.