How Do I Buy LBD? Let Me Count the Ways. Introducing

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Hello Freedom Fighters of the World! Progress with this project is not rapid, just stating the facts. But we are in this for the long haul and we are chipping away at it behind the scenes. It feels as if we threw a party and no one came, but we will be here, we'll be ready when the customers arrive.

We'll be here because a silver-backed cryptocurrency should play a part in all our finances going forward. We like physical silver and gold, we like BTC and BCH, and we like a silver-backed cryptocurrency, they are not mutually exclusive, you can own all these things at the same time. Diversification is good.

And it needs to be a private sector start up, when the government and or banksters come out with their "digital" "blockchain" new money you should avoid it like the plague. Why would you trust their new digital scheme after seeing how they destroyed the present fiat system? The easiest and best way to buy, store, redeem and most importantly transact in silver is The Libertarian Dollar, LBD, an SLP Token. Get yours today. is a functional, not polished, but functional website. I have not personally tested it yet, but plan to take my credit card to it soon and verify a purchase can be made smoothly. Don't forget to supply your SLP token receive address with all orders so we can get the LBD to you. Go ahead and use the "Company Name" field to transmit that info.

As I understand it LBD can be purchased through this website with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay. Not bad, huh? Options are good, we like options. We're not even sure if ACH transfers are accepted. Unfortunately purchases utilizing BTC or BCH or other cryptos will have to be handled manually at this time, we are still working on that.

The sale price has ticked up because we have just more than doubled our silver stock from 48 ounces to 98.15 ounces. Once again we went with First Majestic, they just raised their price by 5%. To be clear we are not affiliated with this company. At this time it is just really convenient and affordable, it allows us to keep our price low to you, and it is a pretty nice product we consider a step above generic. Our real goal is to get a monster box of philharmonics but if you haven't noticed it is difficult to get anything out there nowadays. While our sale price has been adjusted the inventory will not be updated until we have the metal in hand. That is our commitment to you.

Price per LBD: $20.75
LBDs available for sale: 62.064
Silver backing for LBDs on sale: 48 ounces
LBDs in circulation: 1.012
LBDs in Mint: 7,111,111,109.988
note: 50.15 more ounces en route



.U.S. Crypto-Coinage will go Viral, sooner than anyone thinks...
If you've been reading my Posts, you know they will be backed, by Gold and Silver... Just some Food for Thought... I have no insider information...
June 14, 2020... 16.3 Hollywood Time...

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