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We have just doubled our silver stock from 500 ounces to 1000 ounces. This addition consists of RCM 100 ounce bars and some more Canadian Maple Leafs. Our next addition should be two monster boxes to double our stock once again. There is a reason we highlight what's in our inventory. Imagine everything gets redeemed except for 100oz bars. It would be no use in trying to redeem a single ounce until you see them back in the inventory. Save your time and ours. Remember what this program offers in addition to redeemability: we store it for you and now you can send it anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You want the silver in your hand? Email us, send the LBDs back and we'll get you your silver. You get all the benefits of the Bitcoin model only with a silver backing. Today the comex price read $26.77 at 1701 PST.

It is odd to see some one say "stay out of politics, stick to finance" since the two are so intertwined. Because it is finally becoming more apparent to more people the US dollar's days are numbered there is talk now of its reincarnation, iow, Digidollar, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), Fedcoin etc. No one, and I mean NO ONE will want these future alternatives. Why on earth would anyone trust a central bank or government to issue a new dollar after they destroyed the old dollar? Any future alternative will lose 80% of its value within 20 years guaranteed! No government wanted, no government needed, exit stage left. Government and the central banks they charter are the problem We the People will solve. We will move forward with gold, silver, copper, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and LBDs thank you very much. Remember Apple started in a garage in Cupertino, CA. We are a start up and we appreciate your support. Trust me, government, federal reserve, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, these are not the entities you should support regarding monetary issues going forward.

We are not going anywhere. It has been a while since our last update but we are here for the long haul, check out our "Roadmap" where we delineate what we are working on behind the scenes.

Proof of silver is below, enjoy the pictures.

Full Stack, So Beautiful, 1000.15 Ounces plus 6 Morgan Silver Dollars for Marketing

6 Bars, RCM, 100oz Each

32.15oz First Majestic Bar

3 Bars, First Majestic, 10oz Each

3 Bars, First Majestic, 5oz Each

3 Coins, First Majestic, 10oz Each

4 Coins, First Majestic, 5oz Each

3 Coins, First Majestic, 2 oz Each

23 Coins, First Majestic, 1oz Each

224 Coins, RCM, 1oz Each

40 Coins, First Majestic, 0.5oz Each

morgans sign.JPG
6 Morgan Silver Dollars for Marketing

The easiest and best way to buy, store, redeem and most importantly transact in silver is The Libertarian Dollar, ticker LBD, an SLP Token. Get yours today at

Any questions email [email protected]

We do not sell LBDs unless we have the physical silver to back it up, in possession. If someone were to buy all 1293 LBDs available at this time they would not be able to buy any more until more physical silver was added to our inventory. The option to "continue selling when out of stock" is NOT enabled on our website. THEREFORE, BUYING FROM US WILL PULL PHYSICAL OFF THE MARKET AND FURTHER DISCREDIT SPOT PRICES POSTED BY COMEX AND OTHER FRAUDS WHO DELIVER PAPER INSTEAD OF METAL. This is important my friends.

Last update we mentioned because the sale price of LBD is directly related to what we paid for silver on hand, we can foresee periods of time when the LBD program will offer arbitrage opportunities. Prior to a recent price adjustment our program was the absolute cheapest way to buy silver anywhere, period. The fact we still haven't made our first sale emphasizes how important it is for us to kick off our awareness / marketing activities.

It's ok, we are in no hurry. As stated above we are in this for the long haul, we are here to stay and our marketing push will be obvious once our available silver stock becomes more robust. We predict these arbitrage opportunities will reveal themselves again in the future. If you are on the fence about accumulating LBDs it is extra important for you to check our prices when you see see big moves up in comex prices. Considering the recent flurry of interest in this space you may not want to wait until then.

Updated Inventory:
3 - 10 ounce first majestic coins
4 - 5 ounce first majestic coins
3 - 2 ounce first majestic coins
23 - 1 ounce first majestic coins
40 - 1/2 ounce first majestic coins
224 - 1 ounce maple leafs
6 - 100 ounce RCM bars
1 - 32.15 ounce first majestic bar
3 - 10 ounce first majestic bars
3 - 5 ounce first majestic bars
6 - morgan silver dollars (advertising budget not for sale)

Price per 1 LBD (24.057 grams of Ag): $30.75
Price per 1.293 LBD (1 troy ounce of Ag) = $39.8
Price per 0.041 LBD (1 gram of Ag) = $1.26
LBDs available for sale: 1293
Silver backing for LBDs on sale: 1000.15 ounces
LBDs in circulation: 1.012
LBDs in Mint: 7,111,111,109.988

Increase inventory of silver. Obtain safe / safety deposit box for storage. Obtain insurance program that can double as audit (we assume the insurer would want to verify what they are insuring). Obtain audit certificate from BDO International or equivalent. Obtain some technical equipment (laptop, desktop, business phone etc) to help with customer support and marketing program (starting with a podcast interview tour, radio commercials, web ads etc). Hire employee #2 with skill set to handle regulatory and accounting, set up LLC or whatever appropriate, etc.

The easiest and best way to buy, store, redeem and most importantly transact in silver is The Libertarian Dollar, ticker LBD, an SLP Token. Get yours today at

Any questions email [email protected]

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