The Parliamentary Gordian Knot that the LP Faces

in #libertarian-party2 years ago (edited)


At the last Libertarian Party Convention, business was adjourned before a Judicial Committee was elected. There are about a million ways to last Sunday that I can describe the many points of failure, but here we are. There is no Judicial Committee, and the LNC is deciding what to do.

The Judicial Committee serves as the protector of the Statement of Principles and as the last refuge against an errant LNC. Which is why the LNC is to have no say in its appointment. Yet that is precisely what the LNC is now doing for the sake of expediency. And expediency can be very costly.

So it appears the LNC will decide to "recognize" the top seven vote getters (or if you look at it this way - the first seven who were disapproved by a majority of the delegates). It has zero authority to do that. So let's say this illegitimate Judicial Committee makes a horrendous call. Well, I (or you or anyone else) as a member do not have to accept that -- and things can escalate quickly. What if another Oregon-type situation happens?

The LNC needs to stop. Expediency doesn't model our principles. There is one way out of this that honours the spirit of our Bylaws and that is to send a mail ballot to the delegates that were present at adjournment. Let them decide. Show that we don't put aside protections for expediency.

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