On "libertarian socialism"


And lastly about the silly retort that no one is coming for your toothbrush, oh gee, thank you grand and kind socialist master that you will let me keep my toothbrush. I grovel at your generosity! But no one ever thought that anyone was. But you are coming for my property if you deem I have too much and someone else has too little. And good luck with those toothbrushes in your "economic" system since they probably will be as rare as toilet paper in Venezuela.


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Kind of agree with you, but at the same time, do you really think that in current "democratic/capitalistic" system, as I am assuming we're both living in, no one is trying to steal your property? As soon as you're not in tune with the masters, they will take everything from you, including your personal freedom. Believe me, speaking from experience. Point 'm trying to make is, so far, any system has been system of oppression and threat. Venezuela represents corruption, not socialism. If we want to look at socialist system, Sweden or Canada are a lot better examples. I myself grew up in socialist-communist country, and honestly, it wasn't as bad as it is being portrayed. In fact a lot of former socialist/communist countries wish they never became american slaves/puppets, but that's a whole other discussion .
Maybe I just jumped in the middle of some bigger conversation and missed the discourse, sorry :)

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