China's role in the killing of Bangabandhu and the responsibility of Bhasani

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When analyzing the factors related to the killing of Bangabandhu, it is clear that this brutal event was the result of a disastrous plan of Pakistan-America-Saudi Arabia-China and domestic brokers and self-seekers.

During the liberation war, China's role was against Bangladesh. China was one of Pakistan's biggest allies to liberate Bangladesh's independence. China has provided Pakistan with military and intelligence, adopting Pakistan's position in the United Nations, involving a large part of the Chinese chieftains in Bangladesh, joining the war for Pakistan, and the other being involved in the killing of freedom fighters.

Independent Bangladesh, which won the war of liberation, kept a close relationship with India and Russia. Although the liberation war has ended, the policy of conspiracy of China's conspiracy against Bangladesh has not changed, but it is broadly expanded. By overthrowing the Bangabandhu government, China wanted to see the advantageous regime for herself in the government of Bangladesh. Khandakar Mushtaq and Zia's regime were abede; At that time, the United States-China-Saudi Arabia proves that the international culprits behind the killing of Bangabandhu.

Maulana Bhasani was China's largest agent in China. The reflection of China's conspiracy became clear through its activities in independent Bangladesh. At that time with China, India's ambiguity and absolute ally of Pakistan were. Because of the support of Pakistan against Bangladesh in the war of liberation, China's relations with the Bangabandhu government were only formalities and India's allies engaged in conspiracies against the Bangabandhu government and represented China in this work, Bhasani.

In order to do this work, Bhasani did conspiracy against Bangabandhu, his government, and Bangladesh, to overthrow Bangabandhu, opposed the principles of war of liberation, opposed India, took communal position against Hindus, warmed with Pakistan Keeping in touch, religion-based politics is not a shelter Yechena, has worked to rehabilitate the Bangladesh war heads-agents. China's role in the killing of Bangabandhu and the responsibility of Bhasani is therefore a surrender.

Conspiracy, China Veto-

In an article published in the Guardian newspaper of London on April 4, 1972, it said that Maulana Bhasani is involved in anti-China conspiracy with the assistance of the CIA and China. The evidence is available, a few days later. On August 21, 1972, China vowed to offer Bangladesh's membership in the United Nations Security Council. China's loyalist Dalal Bhasani ended the responsibility only with a statement. In the movement struggle, Bhasani was inactive against his Chinese chairman, but at the time he was in front of the Bangabandhu government, he did not leave the Bangabandhu government to take a stand in the rally.

China's broker-

Understanding the depth of Vashani's relationship with China can be highlighted in a 1973 incident. On 11 January 1973, the 'All Party Struggle Committee' was formed against the Bangabandhu government. The committee held a public rally in Paltan Maidan on January 21. In this meeting, Bhasani said, 'Mujib, you say picking with me, in the twenty-four hours you will get recognition of the people (daily Ittefaq, 22 January 1973).

Friendship with Bhutto

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's biggest political defeat was that of Bangabandhu. So, Bhutto was the fierce enemy of independent Bangladesh and Bangabandhu. In the Bangabandhu murder, Bhutto publicly expressed vulgarity and recognized the government formed by the killers. There was a warm and regular contact with Bhutan. Bhutto-Bhasani worked closely against Bangabandhu, Bhutto collaborated on Bhasani's 'Muslim Bengal' (History of Freedom-Movement in Bangladesh: Jyoti Sen Gupta).

Bhasani also made brokerage for commercial relations with Pakistan. On 14 May 1973, in a mass gathering, Bhasani said, "Mr. Bhutto, why do not you recognize us? If you recognize, then you can trade with us. Until that day the country was the largest market for Pakistani goods and it will be again "(The Statesman, Calcutta; May 15, 1973).

Shelter of the 1971 warriors -

Bhashani of *Pakistan's warriors of liberation war gave them the opportunity of rehabilitation through 'Muslim Bangla'. Regular publicity campaign was launched on behalf of 'Struggle for Muslim Bengal Movement' magazine 'Sangram', a spokesman of Jamaat-e-Islami, the Jamaat-e-Islami published from London. Bhashani said with open support to them, "I pray for those who are working for Muslim Bengal, they will be won by the grace of Allah (Janakantha; June 15, 1971). Bhasani established an organization named 'Khodai Khidmatgar', in which the field members of Razakar, Al-Badr and Islamic Students Association of Pakistan joined the organization. During the elections of 1973, the 'All-party Struggle Committees' was formed under the leadership of Vashani, the founder of the war of Ekatturer, Pakistan-based Bengali, rightist and Chinese leftist politicians.

Barriers to the trial of 1971 warriors

Bhasani tried to obstruct the collaboration of the collaborators of the country's barbaric broker. A large number of leaders and activists of the Vasani group NAP have acted as agents of the Pakistan during liberation war, crimes against humanity have arisen. Bangabandhu announced the trial of war criminals and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in the Independent Bangladesh, and on the 24th of January, 1972, the Bangabandhu Government issued the 'Bangladesh Colaborerts Tribunal Order 1972' in the two weeks of returning to the country.

There were many leaders and activists of VASANI NAP among those arrested under the brokers' law. Among them were Mashir Rahman (Magic Mia), the leader of the Vaishani NAP. Magic Mia was the senior minister of Ziaur Rahman's Prime Minister and the president of NAP after the death of Bhasani. Bhashani Brokers were opposed to laws and brokers; Even giving the pressure to the Bangabandhu government to abolish the broker's law. By 31 January 1973, Bhasani gave the ultimatum to Bangabandhu to abolish the broker's law.


Because of the general and Islamic characteristic, the acceptance of Amjana Katara was accepted by Ms. Bangali. Using his acceptance of this acceptance, Bhasani used to harbor animosity between the enemy of India and its enemies, China, and propaganda against the Bangabandhu government. On August 25, 1972, the Paramarthi of the Bhasani Liberation War called India as the 'number one enemy'. On 9 September, 1972, Bhasani called the Bangabandhu Government 'puppet of India' (Gonkantha; 9 September, 1972). In the first general election of the independent Bangladesh held on March 7, 1973, Bharatiya Nirvana was clear in the main agenda of VASANI NAP. It was included in the electoral verdict of 'Bhasani election' which was broken by the slogan of 'Indian slaves of Jingir'.

Bhasani engaged in propaganda of India's close relationship with the Bangabandhu government. On 14th May, 1973, he said in the public meeting:

"Because of the misguided policies of friendship between India and Russia by the Awami League government, the consequences are inevitable. ... these two countries are the biggest enemy of this country. ... India is currently responsible for the excessive cost of essential commodities. ... We do not want Bangladesh to become a slave of India. If the Awami League leaders continued the policy of having a free play in India, then those who are currently in jail for co-operation with Pakistan, they will judge them for co-operation with India. "(The Statesman, Calcutta; May 15, 1973)


Along with indifference, the communal mentality of Vaasani's NAP became clear to the minority Hindu community. In 1973, 'Hare Krishna Hare Rama, Mujibbaba Other Name', 'Hindus If You Want to Live, Leave Bangla', from 'Bhashani NAP' procession - All these slogans were given. (Weekly Ekta; 06 April, 1973)

Vasani is also spoken by communal poison; To Hindus, Bhasani said,

"If they think that the ruling Awami League will be guaranteed their security and protection, then their luck will be like the Biharis. ... Joy Bangla or Awami League can not save you, your destiny will be like that of Biharis. "(The Statesman, Calcutta; May 15, 1973)

Conspiracy of communal politics-

Not only is India and Hindu discrimination, Vashani's activities have become increasingly matched with extremist Muslim nationalists. Bhashani started using religion to wipe out the people of Bangabandhu and the people of Bangladesh. On 14th May, 1973, Bangabandhu said that he does not want Allah's mercy in the conduct of Bhashani Bangabandhu less religious and governing the state. (The Statesman, Calcutta; May 15, 1973). Bhasani was opposed to the principle of 'secularism' in the war of liberation. He removed the policy of secularism from the constitution and demanded constitution of the constitution and law based on the Quran, Sunnah and Hadith. (Morning News; 8th October, 1972)

Bhashani wanted to establish a religion based Islamist government by removing Bangabandhu. On 14 May 1973, he said, "... the Awami League government will soon be overthrown and the flag of Muslim Bengal will fly on the houses of Dhaka." (The Statesman, Calcutta; May 15, 1973),

VSAT has not got a seat in the 73rd election. Bhasani started propaganda against Bangabandhu and the government by dualizing Muslim Sentiments. At this time, Bhasani started promoting communal poisoning with ultimate provocation. On March 24, 1973, Vashani published a highly communal hate speech called 'Jabhahed' in the bulletin. It is written in

"The Muslim community, which was once the best nation in the world, was the rightful king of all communities irrespective of caste, caste and religion in Delhi, for seven centuries. The infidels, along with the help of the Dalit Muslims of some Hindustan government, are on the streets where they humiliate innocent Muslims and humiliated them. ... the rule of our religion and Allah's command - if the non-Christians do not attack the Muslims unjustly first, then they will never be attacked. There will be no obstacles in their religion. But if they invariably attack the Muslims, then it will not tolerate them, they will have to resort to counter-attacks and make appropriate punishment. .... I have been suffering from a severe disease and have been treated in PG Hospital in Dhaka for a long time. At present, I came back to Santosh, A group of 'Hindustan Dalalars' of Tangail district have been torturing Muslims in many ways. After the victory of some of the extremist Hindu Awami League elections, the people of the public are being persecuted for publicly without stereo rallies. I know, they have dragged to the beard of an old Muslim. "

The two 'Haq Shab' and 'Haq Bani' were both propaganda machines of Vashani, Chinese. In these two newspapers, Bangabandhu and his government were lied about. Bangladesh India - Golam of Russia, Mujib India's obedient country, India has been sold to India; Hindu Raja is being established in Bangladesh, Muslims are oppressed in Bangladesh, Hindus are all power-makers of Bangladesh, Mujib and its government are anti-Islam - continuous proportion of Bangladesh's population Bhasani was pushing the Muslim community against Bangabandhu.

Chinese politics of conspiracy

China's followers do not have any work to make independent Bangladesh unrest and create mass upsurge against Bangabandhu and his government, which did not. The Chinese people declared Bangabandhu a 'national enemy' and declared him 'Khatam'. The Chinese proponents, Siraj Sikder, Huq, Toaha, Motin, Debank Shikdar, Shanti Sen, Amal Sena's chaotic groups tried to overthrow the Bangabandhu government through conspiracy politics and armed movement. Leading Lieutenant Lieutenant Maulana Bhasani, among the top Chinese figures, announced the 'new flag hoisting' overturning Bangabandhu government.

Declaration of overthrow of Bangabandhu

Bhasani signs of overthrowing Bangabandhu was coming out since 1972. In an interview published on 24 August 1972 in Dainik Bangla, Maulana Bhashani said, "Revolution in Bangladesh is imminent." In a mass gathering on May 14, 1973, Bhasani said, "Awami League government will be ousted very soon". (The Statesman, Calcutta; May 15, 1973)

Bhasani's involvement in the overthrow of Bangabandhu was found in Jasdar's ASSM. Abdur Rab; On 10 November 1988, JSD General Secretary ASM Abdur Rab said that after meeting secretly with Maulana Bhashani in 1973, he requested him to lead the anti-Muslim movement. In the north, Bhasani said, 'Mujib Baiyman, Mir Jafar, he must be overthrown'.

With the killers of Bangabandhu Bhasani-

On 15 August 1975, the founder of Bangladesh State Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was killed. Weeks later, on 24 August, Bhasani supported Bangabandhu's murderers and conspirators, and he said to this government that all the workers, intellectuals, government and semi-government employees, military and semi-military forces, civilians and Muslim-Hindu-Buddhist-Christians It is not only political freedom for the people, but also economic, social, cultural and religious freedom for all Rjanera tirelessly working hard for, "urged (Bengali daily, 5 August, 1975).

Another conspirator of Bangabandhu murder Ziaur Rahman came to power on November 07, 1975. Ziaur Rahman Bhasani supported military ruler Zia. In a letter written to Zia, Bhasani writes -

"Pray in the court of Allah, you have taken great responsibility, be able to do it."

In this matter NAP Secretary General M. Bhasani. Golam Mustafa Bhuiyan writes in a column-

"If Moulana Bhashani did not support Ziaur Rahman that day, the resistance movement started by the Revolution of the historic sepoy crowd on 7 November of 75; However, this struggle would have been exhausted. To protect the independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh from the black patch of superpower-imperialism-aggression, the country's patriotic sepoy-mobilization struggled to support Maulana Bhasani's support struggle. Not only did he support Ziaur Rahman after 7 November but instead of protecting Zia's government and country's independence-sovereignty, Maulana Bhasani has traveled extensively in the border areas of Bangladesh. In the public meeting, people have voiced their anger against aggression. Historical Farrakka Longmarch Against Water Aggression Maulana Bhasani and Shahid Ziaur Rahman are involved in the movement on 7th November.

Journalist L.K. In Khatib's book exploration book 'Who Killed Mujib', we also mention Vashani's support and cooperation towards Ziaur Rahman's murder Ziaur Rahman. Supporting Ziaur Rahman, the biggest assassin of the Bangabandhu murder, was very natural for the main servant of China in independent Bangladesh.

The China Factor-

Two murderers of Bangabandhu Faruk and Rashid met with a US political councilor in Dhaka on October 21, 1975 and requested for arms supply. The next day, US Ambassador to Dhaka, Boston, in a cable sent to Washington, said that Farooq-Rashid is not confident of getting 'adequate assistance' from China or Pakistan.

After a month, on November 20, 1975, when the killers of Bangabandhu were waiting for the US visa, Faruq told the US political officer, China has increased its strength at the border so that India does not take any action in Bangladesh. (Indira called KGB to verify 'Chinese' hands in Bangabandhu killing - Mizanur Rahman Khan)

China recognizes Bangladesh on August 31, 1975, two weeks after the assassination of Bangabandhu.

Vashani's allegiance to China was adamantly blinded by Bhasani's mentality. Opposition in the name of Bangabandhu Government for making brokerage against China against Bangladesh during the War of Liberation during the War of Liberation, programs and conspiracies against Bangabandhu Government, Extremely India-Violence, increasingly holding the right to the communal character, opposing the trial of the brokers, working together with the Zia Government. The activities have tarnished Bhasani in history. So, you can not blame Bhasani for creating a bad situation like the killing of Bangabandhu.

After Bangabandhu's killing, Pakistanis, Bangabandhu murderers, their patrons and the phenomenon of this phenomenon have developed a clean image of Bhasani during their power for more than two decades. So, about Bhashani, there is so much devotion among the Bangalees. But in reality, Bhasani can not be called Bengali, Bangali's friend. After Bangabandhu's assassination, the recognition of China in Bangladesh, during the rule of Bangabandhu, the politics of conspiracy of Vashani and later with its Zia government can be understood, how broadly the role and role of the Chinese in the killing of the Bangabandhu government.

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