PRP-LGBT Magazine 01 | Trans Visability, a Gay Artist and Homosexual behavior in Animals

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Hello dear Steemians and welcome to the first edition of the @PRP-LGBT Magazine!

New to this Account? You're welcome to read the Introduce post first:
Introducing PRP-LGBT the Curation & Magazine Account for LGBT+ Content

Table of Contents

  • International Transgender Day of Visibility (31/03)
  • Andy Warhol - A famous gay artist
  • Homosexual behavior in animals
  • Extra Curation @crazybgadventure
  • Preview for the second Edition
  • Special Thanks

International Transgender Day of Visibility, March 31st

The International Transgender Day of Visibility is a very meaningful day because it is important to make people aware of topics and matters involving LGBT rights. As it says it in the name, the day is about visibility, empowerment and appreciation - because this is the first step to more understanding and acceptance. We're just trying to raise the awareness of discrimination. This event was founded by Rachel Crandall in 2009. She is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in transgender issues and an international transgender activist. But we are not here just to fight discrimination on this one day, this should happen everyday! Spread peace and love, always.

There are two users who already talked about this day, here are their posts:
March 31st: International Transgender Day of Visibility from @mariacaffrey
International Transgender day of visibility. Why are you not talking about it? from @sergiomendes

Andy Warhol: A famous artist who was gay

His real name is Andrew Warhola but he "americanized" it to Andy Warhol. He was born on August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was an american artist, movie maker and co-founder + one of the most important representatives of American Pop Art.

Here you can see an amazing drawing from my dear @lianaakobian who drew a picture from Andy Warhol

His career began in 1950 as a graphic designer and illustrator for fashion-, glossy- and lifestylemagazines and his career developed quickly. He was a music producer as well. He made a lot of paintings, designs for ads, movies, books and products.

Andy Warhol was an introverted, shy and had an opaque personality. He did not show his homosexuality in public, although, when asked, he did not deny it. By making (male) homosexuality one of the central points of his work throughout his life, he promoted the confrontation with this topic. [2]

Even if he did not live his sexuality out, he tried to support it in forms of art. He outed himself in a time that was difficult. And for that I respect and appreciate him.

Homosexual behavior in animals

Here I created a little chart with some animals where homo- or bisexual behavior has been observed:

Black swansDolphinsmisc. Insects
DucksBisonsvarious Spiders
VulturesElephantsBed bugs
LaysanalbatrosSheepsFruit flies

excerpt from wikipedia [3]

I don't think we often realize that not only we humans can feel this way. It is very interesting how often it occurs in the animal world but we belong there also to it. It's natural.

Posts from the community:

In this first episode of the magazine I would like to introduce the Post from @crazybgadventure about how it is to be part of the lgbt community in bulgaria.

Does the iron curtain still shroud the rainbow flag?

He answers questions in this post like:
Is it legal to be Gay in Bulgaria?
Is it legal to be Trans in Bulgaria?
Can LGBT people adopt in Bulgaria?
What is it like to be LGBT in Bulgaria?

But there is even more content in his post, so read it and leave a comment there!

How you could get featured:
Posts under the tag #lgbt will be upvoted, provided that they have quality. Quotes should be indicitated as such and sources of literature and images should be named.


So in the next Edition of this Magazine, one of the topics will be about curing homosexuality. It is quite shocking that this practice is still happening nowadays. I would like to feature some posts and therefore ask you who is interested to write a post about it. You could write from your own experiences or research. Please publish your articles on 18th April at the earliest, so that they are still voteable as soon as the second magazine goes online. The second edition of the magazine will be out in about two weeks. I've got the idea from @poetrybyjeremy so thank you so much!

Thanks to all supporters!

I just wanted to say thank you as I got a lot of support for this project on the Introduce Post. Like I said it there, it's an important project to me. So a special thanks to these guys: @jaki01 @shaka @theaustrianguy @jedigeiss @sykochica @felixxx @therealwolf @pharesim @asperger-kids @carlgnash @ladiesofsteemit @poetrybyjeremy @javehimself

Thanks for the support in form of SBD donations: @lianaakobian and @lichtcatchtoby

@prp-lgbt is primarily intended to curate and share contributions on all possible LGBT topics. At the moment there are not many LGBT related posts and I want to change that with this account. I want to reward people who deal with this topic and show others that you don't have to hide here on Steemit! Steemit is a wonderful platform and I want to spread even more love!

If you want to be part of the team, feel free to write me a DM on Discord!

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This was quite "light and easy" approach to homosexuality; you wrote about it like any other normal thing which is nice imo. By this I mean that it's refreshing to read things (animal chart and Warhol thingy) related to, or about this topic, which are not only concentrated on the discrimination side or negativeness around it. Of course those things aren't something that can just be ignored in general, but for change it's nice that the whole content isn't all about that. :)


Thank you so much for your opionion, i really appreciate it!
I'm really trying to make it varied, I'm curious what you'll say about the next episode and hope that I'll read you more often - Thanks!


I will check your blog again later for sure!


Awesome work! I didn't know you guys were doing this, it's amazing! Thank you for starting this!

My buddy @jose27117 and I are posting weekly lgbt+ content through our Project Equitas! We post weekly both in English and Spanish. We'd love to support you guys in any way we can. And if you stumble upon lgbt+ content in Spanish you can send it our way too! 😊

Keep it up!


Hey! :)
Thanks for your comment!
Oh wow that's nice! I just saw your spanish post but i didn't knew you were doing this in English too, it's great! I will definitely keep a eye on this! It's great to see more Community Projects grow!
And thanks for the offer with spanish, i will keep it in mind!

Thank you so much for the shoutout and I am so happy to see the amazing job you guys are doing in here ❤


I have to say thank you! :) It's nice to see people on Steemit who are giving this topics a voice.


Unfortunately it is a big problem in our society so we just need to keep working on it and make love happen ❤


That's right!

Happy to support such a great initiative. You rock!


Thank you so much for the support! You rock even more!!