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RE: LGBTQ+ Talk: Guide to start being a trans ally | Basic manners, gender neutral pronouns, and more!

in #lgbt4 years ago

You basically saved me writing a Feminism Sunday post just now :) :) :)


Hahaha I did? ❤ I hope that's a good thing 😁

It's the best thing! I started writing the Feminism Sunday posts because I didn't see people doing it and encountered ignorance on some super basic stuff. Now, with people like you and @isabellelauren, I may be able to just resteem. I never wanted a (cis, mostly het) dude to be the person telling people about feminism and gender. I've struggled with that since I started posting these posts.

So, yeah, I am delighted to be able to support y'all writing these, to resteem and upvote and amplify.

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