Eight inventions which are genius, cool and weird at the same time!

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We have to admit, the last century has given us a lot in terms of technology. The generation X got to see so much change in front of them from black and white TV to colored TV, walkman to mp3, VCRs to CD players and much more of drastic changes than any other changes. This century also introduced us to some of the most amazing inventions. I am not talking about just any inventions, I’m talking about the ones that are amazing on another level! In fact, they make you wonder, who even came up with them? These inventions are pretty fun to go through! So I have dug out some of the strangest inventions that humans have come up with, well at least I find them strange yet genius! Here they are:


Smart water bottle
You would think that humans were already intelligent to come up with not just water bottles but many different kinds of bottles including the detox bottle as well. However, talk about next level invention and we have the smart bottle that contains compartments in which you can keep the important stuff that you can take outside with you without having to keep an extra bag for it, such as your cards, keys, and money.


Self-Stirring Mug
With a press of a button, the little whirling disc at the bottom does the magic. No need for a spoon to blend your cream and sugar anymore. A self-stirring mug is yet another ingenious invention that not only helps you blend the contents of your drink perfectly but also helps you wash the mug with great ease. Just put in some liquid dishwashing soap, press the button and let the whirling disc do the rest. Self-stirring mugs are usually powered by AAA battery cell.


Transparent, Glass Toaster
Watching your bread toast to perfect brown while getting ready for office would surely be a treat early morning, right? So guess what, somebody even made that possible! Transparent glass toaster helps you get rid of burnt toast and provides easy monitoring. You not only get the perfect texture and color on your slice but you also get to see the process. It could be interesting, no?


Cuboid Water Melons
When I say weird invention, I really mean it. Who could’ve possibly come up with the idea! Here, I think the idea is much weirder and new than the invention itself. Planted with special molds, turning this juicy watermelon sphere to a cuboid, preventing them from rolling over and providing better handling makes these watermelons easily stackable and facilitates better slicing. It took me some time to understand the purpose of this Mellon but when I did understand it, I had to admit, it's pretty genius!!


Staircase Drawers
One of the greatest inventions in the history of architecture(well not really) are staircase drawers! Architects keep working on utilizing spaces better and coming up with the aesthetic appeal of a space. Going through this process generates a number of ideas and one of the ideas includes using space under the step as drawers. Making most out of space, the invention is very smart and classy at the same time. The drawers usually house either footwear or books or pretty much anything you can slip into that space.


Can cooler
This is something I want to own right now, especially during this hot weather! I often buy cold cans and keep them in my car and when I need to drink one, its super hot. This can freezer take only ten minutes to cool down the content of the can and that too without freezing them!


Multitasking cooler
Since we are talking about coolers, I would love to mention this all in one cooler that offers multiple functions and tools including a can opener, cooler, and blender to make your own smoothies and drinks! If you are to take a cooler with you on an outdoor trip, I believe this is the one that would be perfect for that.


Oven Pull tabs
I have been baking for so long and I am furious that I didn’t find out about this earlier! I always wear gloves or pick up a piece of cloth to pull out the oven tray and that gets pretty inconvenient at times. Oven pull tabs are made up of silicon so they don’t get heated. You can simply fit them on the edge of your tray and pull it out just like that!



Lol, the cuboid water melon looks unusually funny cos people can hardly imagine it, but it sure is much better than its predecessor

Wow, really cool inventions. I love them especially the self storing mug, can cooler and the silicon based oven pull tabs.