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It's becoming a law that 80% of business fail within the first five years of starting. When such business fails, the idea, experience and human capital dies with them. This occurs almost in all area of the world and it's becoming a law that if u survive your first 5 years you can survive all challenges. Let's see some of this challenges faced by this early organisation:

  • Lack of experience
  • lack of well withal and so on.

LEXIT is a platform using the blockchain technology to bring solution to business that fails at early stage of starting. LEXIT aimed at restructuring the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) which provides organisations - small and large an opportunity for faster growth by cutting off intermediaries involved in the process of merging examples are the corporate lawyers, investment bankers, financial advisors and appraiser. These intermediaries comes with high cost which could be use to better the business and increase it's capital.
Another problem solved by LEXIT is the difficulty in finding a buyer or suitable merger that will be able to revive the dying organisation.


LEXIT is bringing effectiveness and liquidity to the M&A transaction, in a secured platform.IMG_20180816_010124_317.JPG

  • LEXIT is a platform or marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together in a secure blockchain platform, giving
    global access to assets and opportunity
  • LEXIT will contain assessors and field experts who help appraise
    assets to be sold by the seller in a secure, digital deal room where transactions are finalized quickly.
  • LEXIT is an international network, so, it uses this to reach out to international business partners and also extend reach and promote communication.
  • LEXIT is utilizing blockchain technology, for its security and transparency during transactions.
  • LEXIT also have token as an economy, to incentivize and drive engagement.


When we talk of ecosystem we are talking of those things that make up a system.
LEXIT is made up of the MARKET and DEAL ROOM

    IMG_20180816_010605_566.JPGA Market is where exchange of goods and services is been carried out for the basis of profit. LEXIT'S market consist of lists of sellers of any kind who have created auction for their companies or IP.
    Buyers and sellers can obtain support from
    LEXIT's platform experts. In addition, LEXIT explore ways to incorporate artificial intelligence that evaluates patterns in IP. This will help provide automated information about a listing’s potential value. After the seller accepts a buy offer, the transaction goes to the Deal Room.

    During M&A transactions, the larger companies do have the upper hand over the seller, but LEXIT deal room will give a secure and an equal platform for seller and buyers, using policy that will be of a greater advantage to the buyers. The access to each Deal Room will be tightly controlled, open
    only to the relevant buyer, seller, and selected experts.
    Since, transactions going on in the deal room are to be kept secret and secure, LEXIT is using the blockchain technology to ensure security and privacy

Note that: Traditional M&A transaction can take up to two years from start to finish while purchase agreements on LEXIT can be finalized and signed within 12 weeks.


IMG_20180816_010348_657.JPGLEXIT introducing it's token to ensure ecosystem alignment on the LEXIT platform.
This token was introduced because, of features like listings, ratings, and sharing of revenue among users. Escrow payments, rapid settlements, and cross-jurisdictional transactions between non-acquainted parties use smart contract technology to ensure a secure, trustless environment that can support the high transaction volumes anticipated.




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This is a spectacular post as it gives me a thorough insight about transactions circulating the global market and the benefits.
Keep it up man.

Am really it really do

Gud 1 I like your post and it helps me to understand the lexit

Wow!!. What a Blog. Nice one

Hi @uraniumdavid

It's becoming a law that 80% of business fail within the first five years of starting

Unfortunately it is also becoming a law if it comes to ICOs. Hope that LEXIT will change this phenomenon.

Thanks for very informative article :)

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