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This is untenable. I do not know what to do. The days go by and the situation gets worse. The despair fades us. We seem bodies without souls that roam the lonely streets of what was a civilization. Life is a burden, and you can always be worse; However, there is something in the human being that makes him stand firm, despite the difficulties, the hope. But what is hope? Is it a force? A common thread? What? Where does it come from? Where do they sell it? Nobody knows. Perhaps, of an entity that we know or do not know, that does not abandon us.

The situation day after day gets worse, and it will become ... We will cling to hope until there is no more left, nor the influence of any divinity. Hopefully "this", mute soon ... Before she also leaves us.

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I hope you are doing well, I liked your blog very much :) un abrazo from Porto Alegre 🤝

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Thank you. Equally. :)