Let's Talk : Tragedy

in letstalktuesday •  2 months ago

How befitting that the topic is tragedy, because I was tragically unsuccessful at accomplishing my first vlog. I recorded it and just my luck, it would not upload to my drive. So here is a voice recording of me trying to salvage this mess at midnight. Hope you enjoy to soothing sounds of sleepy spacestace.


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The new link works much better. Hmmm, I tend to think of tragedy or trauma as something that we haven't made peace with. I don't say that as if the goal is to ever "get over" or forget what happened, but when we make peace with something it no longer holds power over us. Personally, I feel like part of escaping victim mentality is to make peace with tragic or traumatic events in our lives. There's no way out of the forest except through the trees.

Oi, I saw this posted in The Philoso-Forum and decided to check it out. Unfortunately, your drive file is not public (idk if that's even possible) requiring others to request access via their emails. I certainly am one that doesn't want to put my email out just anywhere. Perhaps try uploading your video to YouTube or DTube?


Thanks for letting me know I'm working on fixing this to where it doesn't require doxxing yourself 😂 oh man, this vlog thing was not quite as easy as I thought it was going to be. Editing this post ASAP


You are still one step ahead of me got the equipment in that I always wanted I just need to crank it up and get started vloggling. Hope to make one very soon. Keep trying @staceyjean you will get it.

It was fun doxxing myself to listen to the most "Awwww look at sleepy baby she's so kewwwwt!!! >_< " moment of my life on Steemit.
The convo we had after was really dope, as always!
Luv ya Spacestace! <3


Awe you're the best! Thanks for checking it out and risking doxxing yourself to hear my sleepy ass voice LOL and I also enjoyed our convo afterwards. Love ya too! Big hugs 💓✨

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