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For this alien planet scene I used :
SHAKA izvor 1.jpg
This creature made as a combination of drawing, painting, and macrophotography, all made by me
SHAKA izvor 2.jpg
... and this one ... made in the same way by me ...
SHAKA izvor 4.jpg
... and this little detail ...
SHAKA izvor 3.jpg
... of a much bigger picture, part of an alien triptych, imagined as a billboard size print
SHAKA izvor 5.jpg
... and this ...
SHAKA izvor 6.jpg
... this ...
SHAKA izvor 8.jpg
... and this ... part of the same series ...
SHAKA izvor 7.jpg
... plus this photo of some little plastic pearl ... also made by me ... I mean the photo ... pearl is found, once upon a time on the street, near the shoping mall

... and of course :) the background and the backbone is the Shaka photo ...
SHAKA zadnje.jpg


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this is so impressive! love your work very much.

Thank you! ... I spent a couple of years inventing these aliens ... had a few exhibitions here locally ... this was 5 or 6 years ago... then I kind of forgot them while doing other things, let them saved on the hard disc ... and now Steemit is a great place and occasion to resurrect them from time to time ...

Wow very cool

Thanks :) glad you like it