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RE: The Art of Ancient Crete Revealed Through Archeology: LMAC #24

How did this escape the notice of the powers that be?

Or: why didn't you tag it with steemstem?

I see you've ventured into gif-making! You're gonna leave us regular JPEGers in the dust! :D

The ancients are fascinating, probably because of the mystery surrounding them: perhaps familiarity would breed a not insignificant amount of contempt?

The collage is nicely symmetrical, true to the culture it depicts. I think it induces subliminal thirst. Or it just might be the summer here :D


Hello friend, Nice to see you here. I'm glad you like my gif. This is a new area for me. I'm addicted, I think.
I didn't use the STEM tag because it seemed presumptuous. I tagged it with science but this was sort of a hybrid post, art/science. And I see so many high quality solid science posts on SteemSTEM that I just felt unworthy :) It was great fun writing the post and doing the art, so I was richly rewarded.

Thanks for the endorsement. That means a great deal.

I think you should tag these posts with @steemstem and let the gods of
@steemstem sort them out

PS: I'm not for indiscriminately tagging anything and increasing moderators' workload, I just really think your post is science (archaeology, among other subjects). And it's got references and everything, and is fun to read.

I'll try to be more forward in the's hard for me. But, your assessment really means a lot.
Hope to read your post, soon. No pressure...but I like being contrary and you take that with such good grace 😁
My 'friends' on Steemit make my life richer.