The Wrath of Thor: Lets Make a Collage #16

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shaka stone sparks lightning gif2.gif

Imagine lightning flashing across the night sky. Unceasing claps of thunder roll through distant mountains. Rain pours from the heavens until streams and rivers overflow. If you were a Viking, during the Middle Ages, you might ask yourself, "Why is Thor so angry? How may we appease him?"

Sacrifice. The answer to that question was often, sacrifice. Perhaps a horse, a goat or a slave might serve. But blood would flow, because only blood would satisfy the god of war. A goði, or gyðja might oversee the ritual slaughter.

The picture at the top of the page is my entry into @shaka's #letsmakeacollage contest #16. There is a terrible storm. A place of sacrifice is prepared and the goat is brought for slaughter. Perhaps the weather will improve and this goat will escape with its life. I hope so.


Thor, son of Odin, was believed to be the god of thunder and war. Lightning bolts streaked across the sky when he wielded his hammer, Mjollnir. He rode a chariot drawn by goats. He was the defender of Middle Earth. No warrior went to battle without appealing to Thor for guidance and protection.

Although the worship of Thor is widely regarded today as a relic of ancient Norse religion, this is not the case. Recently, for example, Icelanders have revived the worship of the ancient gods. The government of Iceland has sanctioned the revival of the ancient beliefs and a temple has been constructed in Reykjavik to honor Norse gods.

My Collage

As soon as I saw @shaka's photo this week I thought of ancient religions. First I toyed with creating a scene that featured Jupiter, or Zeus. Then I looked at the stone structure and thought this looked more medieval, than Greek or Roman. So I went with a Viking god. Thor was an obvious choice because he makes the sky flash, and that's a nice dramatic effect in a collage.

Château de Quéribus

Château_de_Quéribus Le viking 3.0 unported.jpg

This castle dates from about 1020 and was a fortress that straddled the border of France and Spain. The stonework reminds me of the stonework in @shaka's picture.

My material (All Copyright Free)

@shaka's picture

shaka stone picture.jpg

A bit of nasty weather from Pixabay


A hammer from Pixabay


Paint 3D

Goat, human figures, fire and accent stars

Lighting effects and Gif, were courtesy of GIMP

If you haven't checked out @shaka's contest, #letsmakeacollage, you're missing a treat. Steemains come together just about every week to try their hand at creating something original from one of @shaka's photos. For me, it is a creative challenge and most of all, fun.


Very cool!

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Thank you!!

I like the story and the making of.. And most fun was

Perhaps the weather will improve and this goat will escape with its life. I hope so.

I hope so too. ;-) Greetings from Germany Kadna

Thank you, @kadna! As for the goat, I couldn't leave it with such a sad fate. Had to offer hope :) Glad you agree.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Had to offer hope

That is a good idea for all of us ;-))) Have a nice sunday!

Very interesting your proposal of gif, @agmoore. The association you found and your argumentation make a lot of sense. Good luck!

Thank you! I'm a history buff and love to write, but have no art skills. Making a collage is a brave and interesting exercise for me. I'm pleased you enjoyed my effort.

SHAZAM: called by @mathowl

Cutest thing I've seen all day, all week...

owl paint.png

You may not find this much comfort but it's all I could come up with on short notice: enjoy reading about your kin here

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