FAUCET POST: Let's Go Crazy :) and Grow Together!

in letsgrowtogether •  2 years ago 

Hello Friends! I am making another change to my blog....

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I am working on establishing a healthier exchange of energy between myself and those whom I interact with...that being said..I am making some more changes to my blog as I continue to evolve.

Please be advised: As a way of respecting the integrity of the energy flow, I will now be doing a daily "faucet" post which will serve as my way of offering to share SBD with my friends/followers.

All previous sbd sharing will be paid out as promised, and going forward only faucet posts will be eligible for SBD Sharing.

If you would like to participate in this faucet post upvoting is all that is required to earn your share of the SBD distribution, which is paid out equally to all supporters within 24-48 hours of post closing on the 7th day.

Thank you for your support!

Love, @karmashine

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Look forward to reading. Build your account!

I'll be making changes to what I post and on my other account too.

Thank you and I am definitely working on building it up for sure :)

Looking forward to seeing your awesomeness shine my friend! Which is your other account?

I agree with what is said in the picture. Or as the saying goes 'its lonely at the top'

True that!

With greater awareness comes a greater responsibility for our health.

For sure :)

By the way, why is it called a "faucet post?" Is it because Steem it going to pour out?

Great question - that's what I am hoping for :) to create an SBD/STEEM Faucet :)

Ha ha cool, I'm glad to pick up on it.