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Did you know steemian's friend, that Rhinoceros soda drink is a brand of soft drinks that is almost a hundred years old. In the drink bottle there was a picture of a two-horned rhinoceros and the words "Rhino". Rhinoceros soda cap drinks have been legendary in Aceh, the city of Banda Aceh, and surrounding areas.
For most Acehnese, this Rhino drink is very famous. Most are sold at Chinese restaurants and Aceh restaurants. As for the brothers in Aceh, this drink is more delicious served cold with ice cubes plus Carnation Milk which is also legendary for its enjoyment ... And usually the steemian friends of Aceh are also familiar with this Rhinoceros soda stamp drink, posting once in a while sipping ice milk mixed Rhinoceros soda cap, delicious.

Restaurant Namewarkop dirbarcaacehlink
AddressJl. Putroe Beutong, Beuringen, Meurah Mulia, Kabupaten Aceh Utara, Aceh 24381, Indonesia
Location5.0391945, 97.1979714
Type of FoodCafe
Time of DayDaytime
Price Range

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