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Good afternoon, all the friends of steemians this afternoon, I want to share recipes for making egg sauce. Very easy way for him. The ingredients:
chicken curry flavor Garlic red onion Cayenne pepper tomato egg sauce
How to make:
Shallots, garlic, tomatoes and chilies in chopped vegetables. Provide a small amount of cooking oil in a skillet stir fry all the ingredients and after cooking add enough water, after boiling add the egg, roughly the egg is cooked and pour the ingredients until cooked and then turn off the fire. Egg sauce is ready to eat. Do not forget to add the sauce friend steemians to make it taste better. Easy way to make it and the ingredients are easy. Moreover, lunch is like a friend of the steemians ... delicious..
Good luck with steemian's friends all.

Restaurant NameAcehlink
AddressBeuringen Kecamatan Meurah Mulia, Kabupaten Aceh Utara, Aceh, Indonesia
Location5.036970199999999, 97.19923329999999
Type of FoodSnack
Time of DayDaytime
Price Range

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