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Are you one of the coffee lovers? You know, it turns out coffee is not just a dark black drink that is brewed and poured in a cup. Behind the delicious coffee, there is a long history and stories that we didn't know before.
Well, don't claim to be a coffee lover if you don't know the facts below, coffee was only in Ethiopia. There, native coffee ore is planted in the highlands. Coffee is not yet known by other nations. After Arabia, which was known as a strong nation in the trade line, touched Ethiopia. Coffee ore also began to be marketed widely to other countries. Coffee finally became a popular drink on all continents. In the Dutch colonial period, precisely the period of forced planting or seeds, Arabica coffee from Yemen was imported for planting in Indonesia. Aceh became one of the first places for coffee to be planted in Indonesia,
That's why Aceh coffee is popular. His coffee life is already hundreds of years old. Therefore. also included in the history of important coffee development in the country.

Restaurant NameHibrida Coffee
AddressJl. Jenderal Sudirman, Blang Peuria, Samudera, Kabupaten Aceh Utara, Aceh 24374, Indonesia
Location5.116294, 97.2042849
Type of FoodCafe
Time of DayDaytime
Price Range

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