Review of Hibrida Blang Peuria

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Good evening, best friend Let's Eat, wherever you are, which is sure to be fine, I haven't posted articles in the world Let's Eat,
This meatball noodle pakek ayam, if you eat it so delicious in the mouth ... we want to try it and when we try it we are very satisfied with the savory gravy added with meatballs in which there is an egg that is very appetizing. Let's Eat friends can try it maybe a friend will find its own pleasure when friends try to taste the taste of twin meatballs.

this is the friend Let's Eat my post tonight.

Restaurant NameHibrida Blang Peuria
AddressJl. Banda Aceh, Blang Peuria, Samudera, Kabupaten Aceh Utara, Aceh 24374, Indonesia
Location5.116278, 97.2042853
Type of FoodRestaurant
Time of DayEvening
Price Range

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wow it looks so delicious and yummy and thank you for sharing with us :))

yes and thank you and have the pleasure to issue it

Saya mau makanan itu

Meunyo mau jak ju keunou @mizan570

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