Review of Seed in Deadly Sins

in #letseat2 years ago

We finally got around to visiting Seddon Deadly Sins, we've gone a few times but the place is usually packed out.

A great sign!

I devoured their menu item Gluttony with a side of bacon, and by side of bacon it's more like an entire packet of bacon.

Ash opted for a smaller filling of scrambled eggs on sour dough toast with bacon.

How doggy friendly is this café? They have their own doggy menu so Bella got to sip away at a puppy chino with us, how awesome is that!

Restaurant NameSeed in Deadly Sins
Address148 Victoria Street Seddon VIC, Australia
Location-37.80479, 144.89191599999998
Type of FoodLocal
Time of DayDaytime
Price Range

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Never to much bacon lol

This is true ;)

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