Review of The Courthouse Restaurant

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This restaurant welcomes you with an cosy and unique atmosphere were you can enjoy delicious meal while being served by friendly staff.

Check out the menu before you go, as it could offer a limited choice to some.

A little bit on the expensive side but it’s worth it and if you like quality meal you won’t be disappointed.

On the weekends and public holidays it would be advisable to make a booking prior as it has few seating areas ( around 15 tables ).

The outdoor deck can be enjoyed with a beer over the summer time.

Restaurant NameThe Courthouse Restaurant
Address72 Smith Street, Warragul
Location-38.1609569, 145.9323554
Type of FoodLocal
Time of DayDaytime
Price RangeMedium

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Looks like some really good French fries!

This is yummy and delicious looks tasty food good photography thanks for sharing dear.

DELICIOUS ,food photos are lip smacking.

Welcome to Let's Eat Good to have you here.

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