make steemit a morning goal

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since we all have the belief that steemit is a killer app, it is still not enough. to make it mainstream and also abdopted on a planetary scale; we already in the community have to make the a goal by spreading the steemit gospel to the world. but i tell you that the 1-10 persons on an average you share or email, what means it is you can use to distribute this case at hand the fast it will be. so lets hit the road and start steemitg


Like creating/crafting 2 post per day?

At least, I would say more :)

Have an upvote ;)

Hello, @gabbans, It would be great if you supported my charity event:
I hope that this action will attract in STEEM thousands of people. And after a time, everyone who needs help will be able to find it in STEEM.