📢 LetItPlay Bounty program update

in letitplay •  11 months ago

Dear friends!

We will release an update to our bounty program very soon.


Not only the social networks users will be getting a reward for their activity, but also a content providers. You have a good, quality content or know someone who have? Then you can participate in a bounty program and achieve an extra reward. Don't miss the update!

Official website of the LetItPlay projectletitplay.io

Our English community groups:
t.me/letitplay_io – Telegram
steemit.com/@letitplay – Steemit
medium.com/letitplay– Medium
twitter.com/letitplay_io – Twitter

Our Russian community groups:
vk.com/letitplay_io – VK
golos.io/@letitplay – Golos
t.me/letitplay_ru – Telegram

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Then you can participate in a bounty program and acheive an extra reward.
It should be achieve instead of acheive.