It's Possible to Let Go for Better Life and Peace

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When we want to do something intentionally, it is difficult to get even the most basic concept out of our heads. Take into consideration how challenging it might be when it comes to deep feelings, events that make us feel uneasy, people or things that we are frightened of losing, and so on.

When viewed from this angle, an article with the heading "It is Possible to Let Go" elicits a certain amount of curiosity as well as some uncertainty, and it prompts the query, "I wonder how it is possible?"

This can give rise to the question. If you are able to go into the "letting go" condition, what is the primary emotion that you experience? Before we look at the answer to this question together, what is the feeling that you experience?


The answer that you would most likely provide is "relaxation, expansion, and a subsequent state of inner peace." The moment we are able to "truly" let go, our bodies begin to relax, and then our minds begin to settle down.

When we shift into a state of letting go, our perspective shifts, and we enter a level of inner trust and surrender despite everything that occurs in the outside world. This is true even though everything that occurs in the outside world continues to exist in a chaotic and rapid manner.

Ancient traditions have made reference to the fact that this state is the origin of bliss that lasts forever. Consequently, we are able to claim that "being able to let go is a way of completely surrendering and providing a one-of-a-kind feeling of happiness."

Feeling is a more mental idea than emotion, and it is a physical state that always exists in conjunction with a thought. This is the reason why I use the definition of feeling rather than emotion in this context.

To a large extent, our feelings are capable of existing apart from our thoughts and emotions.

As a reminder, I would like to bring to your attention the fact that the word "let go" is a mental notion that conveys a challenging circumstance for each and every one of us.

For instance, right now you may be instructed to, "First remember an unpleasant argument you had yesterday, an issue that worried you, or a happy exchange, and now don't think about this memory, let this thought go."

If I were to ask, would you be able to accomplish this? If I were to tell you to immediately stop feeling the emotions that develop as a result of a pleasurable or bad incident, what would your reaction be?

Even in the event if I requested that you instantly give up any of your habits or eliminate a connection or someone from your life that you are terrified of losing, you would still comply.

While it is understandable that it is very tough to let go of the feelings, thoughts, definitions, and behaviours that we believe make us who we are, it is much more difficult for us to let go of the things that we believe we have but do not use the majority of the time.

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