I am One Of The Frantic People

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Have you ever been stunned by a sequence of life events to the point where you are a stranger to your own self?

I only recently realized the impact my energy has on large groups of people. If I am not careful to slow down and listen carefully I am probably going to become offensive.  I can’t understand it, but there is a loud mouth, hot tempered, over baring woman that comes to surface daily.  I am always shocked when I look In the mirror to see that I am she. 
You may be one of the more calm, collected types who stays fluid in operation, even in stressful times. 
 I applaude your restraint, I am in awe of your composure, and don’t take this the
 wrong way,
 but when you see a less composed
 person flailing about in life,
 just let  it be  chaotic. 

Sometimes chaos is an embarrassing state
 to live in, and it really only escalates the problem when someone picks at the
 details in a public setting. 

  You see, frantic people understand me a little easier than the soothing sweeties 
 of the world.  If you create a commotion 
every where you go, you and I will 
probably bump into one another eventually. 

Usually with this realization- that I am 
not the person I completely want
 to be yet, it’s a looming cloud 
that will not pass by unless
 I stand out beneath it and let it simply rain down on me.   

In my ideal version of myself I look at my image in the reflection and say 
“So this is how it starts, huh?So this is the start of the rest of my life?” 

I know it’s silly! 
I just think it’s what I should say 
to my mirror image in a 
sarcastic and semi inspired tone.  

Well, I am not that theatrical in reality.  

Perhaps writing is my way of performing. 

There is SO much more, to come. 

Lori Brown 
Fear Facer 


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