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Artists, designers, manufactures and studios from small and medium players are now use cloud rendering.The reason is cost. Cloud Rendering is cheaper than building a render farm, so medium and small players rely on cloud services. Big studios are still rendering most off their content in-house, but the increasingly high complexity of Computer Generated Images will drive even the big players to rely on third party solutions.

Leonardo Render is a decentralized graphical rendering platform. its speed up the process of CGI rendering through use of their massive supercompute network.The Leonardo Render software allows users to process renderings faster than ever at the lowest price in the industry.its secure and easy to use. The project is already in its first stage of deployment, having secured a vertically integrated partnership with the 23,000 GPU facility, Giga Watt, the largest crypto mining site in the United States.

GPU mining is facing a decrease in profitability. Leonardo Render offers an alternative solution for GPU miners.Leonardo Render offers an alternative solution for GPU miners. Processing renderings gives the miners the opportunity to increase their profit while relying on the stability of the service priced in fiat.

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LEOS is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Miners in the Leonardo network need to stake a certain amount of LEOS tokens to provide rendering services to our clients.
The stake size in LEOS tokens will be dynamically adjusted to optimize miner and customer incentives. Staked tokens also serve as a security deposit to ensure a high quality finished product.

Website :https://leos.cryptonomos.com
Whitepaper :https://leos.cryptonomos.com/Leos_WP_en.pdf
My telegram :@didiblack

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