Do you think the Stock Market crash is over?

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It's not finished yet

The markets have rallied back hard over the last couple days, due to
the announcement of massive quantitative easing. I think people are
mistaking this for a V bottom recovery and many will be kicking their
ass for jumping back in to the market. To think that this market is just
gonna turn around on a dime is absolutely wrong. We have never had a
market crash this fast and this hard only to have a V bottom recovery.
Most stock market crashes of this magnitude take many months to play out
and I think this one has just started. Nope, the bailouts are not going
to turn this thing around right now,.. not for a long ass time!

Everyone was excited to see gold bounce from 1450 all the way up to
1700 only to fall back to 1630 today. I believe that gold will not be
spared from the coming deflationary crash that's coming. I want to make
it clear that I'm a long term gold bull but now is not the most
opportunistic time. The corona is still spreading at it's fastest rate
since it's inception and there's no signs of it slowing down right now.
The quarantines will help knock it back, but I'm afraid it's going to
come right back.

I have no idea how Crypto will react to further downside in the stock
market, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it completely decouple.
Crypto will be in for a turbulent ride over the next few months but at
this point, I'm willing to go for a ride and see where it takes me.
Bitcoin was created as a solution to a broken financial system and right
now we're witnessing it collapse right before our eyes. This is exactly
what brought me to crypto, the demise of the fiat debt based economy
and it's unsustainable inflation.

I'm in it until the end!