Socios: Bringing Crypto to mainstream sport

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I haven't been posting in a while on Hive but I was talking to my buddy @cryptoandcoffee last night and we had a chat and it made me want to do a post again. Since I have been away, other projects have caught my attention. I was so into Steem that I forgot what other projects were going on and when I heard about Socios and their Chiliz token, I was hooked.

So What Does Socios Do?

They are only bloody after going off and partnering up with football teams to tokenise their club and do all kinds of great things with the token such as competitions, polls and down the line maybe even food , drink and VIP events. Its bloody genius and what is great is that they already have Juventus, Roma, Galataseroy and wait for it Barcelona in the bag. $bar is due to launch soon. The cost of 1 $bar will start off at around €2. But here is the thing. The token will be part of an FTO (Football Token Offering) in which users can buy the club token with their Socios native token Chiliz($chz). Chiliz cost around a cent per token as we speak. They then buy the $bar token once they sign up to Socios. So say I buy the $bar token at FTO for €2 quid. Once the token goes live it can rocket. FTO tokens are locked in for 3 months but are free to sell after this period. Previous tokens went to €14. So that is a massive profit and the bright start for Socios and Chiliz. The world is their oyster. The NBA will be next and if they bag the NFL then Chiliz as a token will skyrocket. I am really excited about this one so I am after selling all my Steem stake to accumulate.
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So say I am a club fanatic and I find out that Barcelona are releasing their only bloody currency. You will need at least 200 $bar tokens to vote on polls to get fans involved. I'm gonna have to buy $Chiliz on the Socios app and then buy the $bar token. All of a sudden I have used crypto without even knowing. This is the magic of it. The best blockchains should not go on about being crypto or 'blockchains'. They should just be a great usercase.

So this is one coin that will make me alot of money whether it be from FTO's or just holding a bag load of Chiliz before it moons