Forget Revolut. MCO is here.

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I move on from my post yesterday discussing the Chiliz token which will take the sporting world by storm to the banking world. I did a post about Revolut around a year ago and I did like the account very much..Until I heard about MCO Token..So if you stake MCO on you can get a Visa debit card that will give you a percentage cash back with every purchase. So say I buy an Apple Mac for a couple of grand with one of these cards. They will give me up to 8% cash back in MCO. At the moment 1 MCO cost 4 quid in euros. You have to stake around 50 MCO to get your card. Once you stake they send you your card and depending on your card you can get Netflix , Spotify and Amazon paid for as an added extra. So I closed my Revolut premium account and applied for one of these bad boys. The visa card comes in a few funky colours depending on the MCO you stake. The more MCO you stake then the more cashback you get on purchases. I know quite a few people who have signed up and are earning crypto while paying for their weekly shop. This is the new age. I think this is a great way of accumulating crypto and my ruby card is in the post .

Once I receive this card then I will stake my MCO earned from purchases and save up for a card with higher cashback rewards. At the moment with the Revolut I get feck all for the privilege and this way I am getting cash back in crypto. Now the one stipulation is that you need to keep your MCO staked to receive the rewards but with 50£ sign up fee it doesn't take you too long to get your cash back. if any of you are interested attached is my referral. You get 50 quid and I get 50 quid if you sign up.
Use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $50 USD :)
Win Win. Tomorrow I will talk about MCOs sister CRO. The only crypto bar Bitcoin to have its own Twitter tag