CRO Token Review

in #leofinancelast year


Carrying on from my series of new tokens that got my attention since I have taken a sabbatical from posting on Steem or Hive is CRO Token which is crypto.coms resident token. It cost around 9 cent and it has many uses. Plus it is the first coin except for Bitcoin that has its own little icon on Twitter.


So the main reason I am accumulating CRO is to become part of the syndicate. You need 10000 CRO to become part of the syndicate. The syndicate then do great deals on cryptocurrency such as 50% off Bitcoin on the 29th June. Now this will be oversubscribed as everyone will want to buy the big dog for half price so in the end you will not exactly get 1 bitcoin for say 4700USD at current market prices.
Depending on volume of subscription you might get 0.08 btc for half price. If you stake 10000 CRO then these offers come up regularly and you end up getting crypto for half price. You can then do whatever you want with it. so you may make your money back pretty quick depending on the level of subscription. You can stake and earn Flexi interest when they are between offers in the Syndicate and earn massive interest. I like this little token and at the moment I'm trying to get to my 10000 so I have access to the sacred syndicate.