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Hello world of steemers
I'm Anietie, the second child in our family of five. With a heart that is eager to share my story in this part of the world I'm exploring.


I'm here to share my cinematic and real-world escapades. us all. I have deep passion for writing and mostly read novels. I'm a lover of movies although I really enjoy series. For example, The originals which makes me stay a whole day doing nothing but watching it.

I view the world in a different way from others. I think it's a beautiful world to be in.


I'm not a fan of football. I Know you'll think it's crazy for a guy not to be a lover of football but that's the truth. I can accommodate some cool jams that lifts spirit on high. I mostly love soft musics.

I travel a lot and want to discover new things although I don't take enough photos but the memory lasts for a longer time in my mind. I love keeping weird faces. I usually find it amusing but my siblings hate it so much that I do it always to them.


As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begin with a step. I hope I'm welcomed to steemit.


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