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Ok guys, I need 5 folks to start investing in their future this month.
The stock market is one of the best ways to grow your "passive income". As more then half of the stocks on the stock market will pay dividends. (53+%)

Ok, I know crypto is another way, but it's always a good plan to diversify, NEVEr out all your eggs in one basket!!

Acorns is gonna spot me $300 if I do get 5 people to sign up and start investing this month (June 2020).

It's a pretty cool gig for you, as the investor.
The investments are managed, so you don't have to pick stocks and all of that, just start. The first $100 is required to finish up your profile, but feel free to just start with their top ups and grow from there. The acorns system does roundups for purchases on your linked card, once $5/ in roundups are done, they withdraw $5 and it's invested.
For example, you go-to Cheveron (a partner of theirs) and spend $21.67, they will add $0.33 to your round ups, and automatically pay you $0.25 for your Chevron purchase as a partial Chevron stock, because they are a partner (along with other companies and promos in the app for free money). Then say you goto Wal-Mart or Target and spend $8.23, they will add $0.77 to your roundups, if that 77 cents finishes up your $5, they will take $5 from your debit card and invest in stocks for you. Automated investments for pennies instead of buying entire stocks! You should also set a automated investment once a month of $5, just doing a little extra. You can withdraw the money when you need it, but it's always best to save for a rainy day, and this is a savings that will do much more for you then cash under the bed in a piggy bank. If a stock pays dividends, you get that to, you own the stock.
Obviously most of you are rich and retired already so naturally you don't have to worry about the future.. but for those of you that do, please consider helping your future self, and me out and get started... oh, and as an added bonus, you get $5 right off the bat!

Even if just using acorns as an emergency fund for things like losing a job or to cover medical expenses.... It's good to be prepared. Building better habits for your financial future is never a bad thing.
They also have a solid reddit community here :
Also feel free to message with questions or comment below.

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