Some facts you should know

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You are weird; you wish to raise stupid queries simply to check however individuals can react though you already recognize the answers; you wish to challenge everything.
You hate rules and therefore the establishment. you're thinking that laws merely suck, together with the those that created them.
You are interested by everything and wish to question the manner things have invariably been done. You’re not merely glad by the phrase: “if it ain’t poor don’t fix it.”
You eat, drink and dream mathematics. you like science together with all its constituent elements and don’t mind finding out any field of study.
You fancy breaking things, hacking them and even dismembering them. individuals get mad at you after they see this however you get a kick out of it.
You are perplexed by the wonders of nature and cerebrate whether or not it simply happened or there was intelligent style behind it. you're fascinated by organisms from the tiniest of species to the biggest of ocean monsters prowling the depths of the oceans to the good antelope Migration in continent and therefore the deadly predators prowling the savannah parcel of land. once you’re bored, you'll pay hours observance National Geographic.