countries that cannot win the FIFA tournaments.

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countries that cannot win the FIFA tournaments,

I will choose to divide those countries per their continents.


While Europe have won it over south America, nevertheless they're several countries still in Europe that cannot win the trophy.

Albania, Leicheisten, Georgia, Uzbekistan,
South America:

Though an excellent footballing continent, I see most countries there with the potential to win the copa mundial within the future with the exception of…


None has ever won it, however Japan continues to be their best shot to win.

But I will bet you these countries can ne'er win it…

Bahrain, India
Thailand, Bhutan, U.A.E,

With over fifty countries in these continents, i can not name all, however here i will be able to provide you with three countries that may win it within the future, whereas you'll be able to add others to the list that cannot win.

Only Nigeria, Egypt and Cameron have affected in past world cups a d within the future will win it.
So many on this list..

Cuba, Jamaica, all the tiny islands there and central yank countries like Republic of Honduras, Guatemala, Central American country.