Lenten Special

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Hello Steemit Friends,

As we commemorates Jesus Christ Life,

We may Value the true meaning of the Holy Week.

In celebrating the Good Friday, my sister Dona, my nieces Leelove, Ashley and I went uphill for the Station of the Cross. It is located in barangay San Roque, Barugo, Leyte. It's just 500 meters away from my sister Dona's home. There are other people visiting the place to do the Station of the Cross as well.

We took some pictures before we started.





The weather is not good that's why we bring umbrellas. Rains started to fall while we are still on the First Station. As we continue to the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Station, the rain is getting heavy and we can no longer light the candles. Because of heavy rains, sloping and slippery place we decided to stop on the Fifth Station and decided to go down for us to avoid any accidents for the reason that my sister Dona is pregnant and we have two kids to take care of.

We didn't finished the Station of the Cross. Me and Leelove go down first. We left my sister Dona and her daughter Ashley in a safe area. Leelove and I go home and let my sister Dona's husband know that we left them uphill and that they needs his help. As they arrived home, they changed clothes and we continue the Station of the Cross at home. The rain never stops until midnight.

Thankfully we go down safe.

I am very grateful that we finished the Station of the Cross.

Be grateful in every little/simple things and you'll find happiness you ever wanted! 😀😀😀

Everyday is worth to be grateful of!

How about you? What's your #gratefulvibes story for today? Join the #gratefulvibes community challenge of @paradise-found as it is extended forever. You can share yours and show to Steemit world how grateful you are. Feel free to comment and share. See you around! 😀😀😀💖💖💖

Let the #teardrops of gratefulvibes begins! 😀💖

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Yours truly,

@shikika with much love 💖💖💖😀😀😀

Keep steeming! 😀😀😀



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