LENDCONNECT The #1 passive-income-generating Platform in the world


LendConnect started development in October 2017, and the platform has been built from scratch. Not a single piece of code has been copied from another platform or template. They are the first ERC20 (Ethereum) based lending project, and with over 5 months of development time, Lendconnect aims to be the most secure, stable and feature rich lending platform on the planet.

The LendConnect Internal Exchange offers the possibility to list promising ICO's on the internal exchange. They offer a lot of excellent features for starting coins / tokens, such as: no listing fee and very low transaction fees. This will benefit the platform and your startup!

The interest rates might be the best in the industry, hands down. A minimum of 1.5% daily interest rate and a minimum of 45.5% per month on your loans!

Reinvest your daily interest without changing your capital release date! That's right, all your interest can be reinvested and it's not treated like a new loan. You receive all the capital you've invested during your loan period back on the day of your original capital release date. Amazing!

UPCOMING FEATURE: Unlike other lending platforms, all your loan amounts in the platform are combined so that you can reach higher loan tiers with higher daily bonus interest rates and shorter capital release dates!

  • For example, Mary starts out by making a $600 loan with LendConnect. A couple weeks later, Mary decides to make another loan this time for $500 in the LendConnect platform. LendConnect automatically upgrades Mary to the Silver Loan package ($1,001 - $5,000 range) which means she will now receive a .1% daily bonus! Not only that, her orignal capital release date is automatically lowered to 100 days! Incredible.

LendConnect always trys to place the investors' interests at top of mind :)

Auto-Reinvest Feature. LendConnect offers a state of the art auto-reinvest feature. Don't want to log into the platform every day to reinvest your daily profits? No problem.. with the click of a button, LendConnect will automatically reinvest your profits and allow your interest to compound without you having to lift a finger! Or click a mouse :)

The LendConnect platform is built from scratch with the best security features integrated into the platform.

A+ Customer Support Team. LendConnect offers the highest quality customer service in the lending industry and they pride themselves with treating their investors as family. Join the LendConnect team to experience what customer support SHOULD be like in the Lending space. Lendconnect is always available to help answer your questions and resolve any issues that may arise.

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IMPORTANT: All information in this article are token from the Issuers website and for INFORMATION solely. It is NO invitiation to participate! It is out of our responsibility and fully in your responsibility, in case of loss or damage, because you decided by yourself to participate!

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