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You've heard the recent story on how they cracked down on some kids' lemonade stand. Seriously so cliché, it's not even funny.

Get a load of the balls on this one.

The above author is a statist, in case you haven't heard of such.

Yesterday I ate a lovely meal that was served out of someone's house. It was like going over to a friend for dinner, except they're not your friend and can't be expected to cook for others forever without recompense. Awesome tamarind sauce! And I still haven't gotten traveler's diarrhoea. So to hell with your regulations. Just because there's a transaction involved means it's less safe than going to a friend's? They rely on their reputation. Plus while traveling if you're concerned, ask a savvy local.

Love, lemonade, tamarind sauce, and laughs,

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Duncan Hothersall may not be a monster, but he supports monstrous behavior. I've gotten food poisoning a few times in my life, ALL at the hands of government licensed food concessions.