The Legend of Batupang (Pensive Princess)

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This time I want to tell a legend about a princess who became a stone. The story is recorded on a rock site that can be seen until now. Located on the beach of Paya Peulumat Village, East Labuhan Haji, South Aceh. Position the stone on a turtle-shaped head and face directly to the sea with a hand on his chin.


Look behind

The story mentions a young man named Bujang Delima from Simeulue Island washed ashore in Peulumat Beach. There, he falls in love with a beautiful daughter named Meulu and intends to marry the girl.

Bujang intends to unite the island of Simeulue with Mainland Aceh. Finally, he returned to Simeulue to attract the island. Unfortunately, the fibers used to pull the island off while on the go. Because it did not work, He never came back.

Princess Meulu continues to wait until his patience runs out. Because very love, one time he intends to follow by using a giant tortoise, but his mother was reluctant. Then said:

"Than you go, you better be a stone, I can see every day."

Instantly the princess and the turtle turned to stone. Her mother regretted the words she uttered. But what can be done, Princess Meulu has turned into stone forever.

That's the story! Now, visitors can go there to see the site of the legend of the princess turned into a stone with a pensive position, hands on the chin.

Steemians, this is a photo and video when there:

Sea wave


Batupang Stone


Hill near the site

Travel to Batupang | Source: Youtube


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good post...
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