The Tangkuban Parahu In Bandung,West Java

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Tangkuban Parahu or Tangkuban Perahu Mountain (Raw Sundanese script: ᮌᮥᮔᮥᮀ ᮒᮀᮊᮥᮘᮔ᮪ ᮕᮛᮠᮥ, Latin: Mount Tangkuban Parahu) is one of the mountains located in West Java Province, Indonesia. About 20 km north of Bandung, with lush pine trees and a stretch of tea gardens around it, Tangkuban Perahu Mountain has a height of 2,084 meters. The shape of this mountain is a Stratovulcano with a central eruption that moves from east to west. The types of rocks released through eruptions are mostly lavadan sulfur, minerals released are sulfurbelerang, minerals released when the mountain is inactive are sulfur vapors. The Tangkuban Perahu Mountain Area is managed by the Forestry Corporation. The average daily temperature is 17 oC during the day and 2 ° C at night.

The origin of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain is associated with the legend of Sangkuriang, which is said to fall in love with his mother, Dayang Sumbi / Rarasati. To thwart the intention of his daughter to marry him, Dayang Sumbi made a condition so that Sangkuriang would make a lake and a boat overnight. When his attempt failed, Sangkuriang was angry and kicked the boat so it landed upside down. This boat then forms Tangkuban Parahu Mountain.

This Tangkuban Parahu Mountain includes active volcanoes whose status is monitored continuously by the Indonesian Volcanology Directorate. Some of the craters still show signs of activeness in this mountain. Among the signs of this volcanic activity are the emergence of sulfur gas and hot water sources at the foot of the mountain, including in the Ciater area, Subang. Mount Tangkuban Parahu had experienced a small eruption in 2006, which caused 3 minor injuries.

The existence of this mountain as well as the form of topography in the form of a basin with hills and mountains on each side reinforces the theory of the existence of a large lake which is now the area of ​​Bandung. Geologists believe that the highland area of ​​Bandung with an altitude of approximately 709 m above sea level is a remnant of a large lake formed from the damming of Ci Tarum by ancient volcanic eruptions known as Mount Sunda and Mount Tangkuban Parahu are the remains of ancient Sunda Mountain who is still active. This phenomenon can be seen on Mount Krakatau in the Sunda Strait and Ngorongoro area in Tanzania, Africa. So that the legend of Sangkuriang which is a community story of the area is believed to be a documentation of the people of the Gunung Sunda Purba area for the events at that time.

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