Clever Sheep & Stupid Tiger

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Once upon a time, a ram was walking in a meadow. He is looking for good grass to eat. Not long after, he saw a forest near the meadow. Because he wanted to find plants other than good grass to eat, he entered the forest. Suddenly he met a tiger. The tiger is very happy, because he will soon get delicious food. The Sheep, who was very frightened, then invited the Tiger to speak.

"What is your name?" asked the Lamb.
"I'm Tiger! Who are you?" Tiger asked again.
"My name is the Great Lamb," replied the Lamb, even though he was really trembling.
"What's that in your head?" Tiger asked again.
"Oh, that's my spear and sword," replied the Lamb.
"And what's that hanging between your hind legs?" Tiger asks again.
"That's the spices I brought to cook tiger meat before I ate it." replied the Lamb.
The tiger is now very scared. He then ran away as fast as he could, and was grateful that he was still alive.
There was a fox that saw Tiger run away. He then asked, "What's wrong with you? Why did you run scared?"
"The ram! He almost killed me!" answered Tiger. He is armed with swords and spears! "
The clever fox laughed, then said, "How can a ram kill a tiger? You must have been fooled by the sheep. Let's go there and we give him a lesson."

But Tiger said "No, you will definitely run away after seeing the sheep, and leave me alone there. No, I don't want to."
"I will not run away. If you do not believe, we just tie ourselves together with a rope. So, even if I want to run away I will not be able to" replied Fox.

Tiger agrees with the Fox proposal. They then tie their necks together using a rope, and go walking to look for the Lamb. They found the Sheep relaxed while eating delicious herbs.
When the Sheep saw the Tiger, he shouted, "Aha! Finally you come too! I'm very hungry! You will be a delicious food for me!"
A foolish tiger fears hearing the words of the Lamb. He then turned and ran as fast as he could. The Fox shouted for Tiger to stop running, because he was dragged along. But Tiger did not hear it, and continued to run, until finally the Fox died from being dragged so far across the forest. "Foolish fox!" thought the foolish Tiger, "I almost died because of him!"


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