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Welcome to Steemit bro, I was just turned onto your blog by @jonyoudyer and I am sure glad I was. I just released my first conscious Hip-Hop album that I am giving away for free. I am also currently organizing a mix-tape for all the conscious emcees I have met in the past few years, and will be recording a music video in Acapulco Mexico in February. I have also launched a Steemit Hip-Hop support project called @emsteemians. Hopefully we can find a way to collaborate, I am out of instrumentals, and my buddy is organizing a west coast tour that could land us in L.A. Click here for my Soundcloud if you want to check out my tracks, I even included a couple bonus promo tracks, one with a modified DJ Quik instrumental called Smoke a Big Blunt I think you will like. Stoked to have you with us here, and looking forward to what the future holds for us. I live in Portland, OR. Blessings homie!


Wassup @elamental Shout out to @jonyoudyer for getting you to head over here! Lol Blessings back...

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Yeah we are in Portland Oregon! Can't wait to blaze it! Just had @elamental at the steemitsmokeout last night along with @hempress!

Hello @christheglove in our country use it, as a medicine to make creams, and help to reduce joint inflammation. It also calms the nerves.
I take the opportunity to leave again the invitation to our discord channel,

because we were the target of a hacker and eliminated our contacts. We are waiting for you again as part of our big family in smart media group. and if you like kararoke, Wednesday, August 22, 2018, at 8:00 p.m. Venezuela time (00:00 p.m. UTC, 00:00 p.m. GMT) </ b> I will be at the front of this party of karaoke, where we had a different time moving the energy in positive.
Good Vibes

Nice garden sir I upvoted and resteemed thank you for following me


This one here is totally not spam 😕


Those Kind LED are great! I got a cheap one atm I’m hoping to get one of those soon.

Thats great to see a decent led and learn the name of it !


Yeah that is a nice light for sure!



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Whats the dimensions and watt output on it?

nice how far is the light from the plant?


Was trying to keep it 18+ inches but they keep growing...finally I had to raise the light to 9.5 feet...

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That's nuts they grew tall lol i had one do that would just grow to the hight i put the light was at top my tent by time i was fone the grow....

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"I'm Luke Skywalkin' on these haters..." ;)
Greetings Bro

Was growing this and a friend was trying to use the Force to water the plants...

Killer choice of strain! And nice plants!


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Dope shit bro! One love from Flint! 💯🔥

Hey welcome to Steemit. I heard you were on the kind network recently that is exciting to hear. Those trees look dank!! I'm happy to have such a big influence on the blockchain!!

Have u ever tried the FIM technique to keep ur plants from growing to tall?