Commonly Abused Drugs

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A large number of drugs that have been proven to be addictive are not illegal. The illegal ones are readily available in the gas stations, sold over the counter, or issued out by the pharmacists. Although they are legal, some of them are beneficial to the human body; their misuse can lead to dangerous consequences. Unarguably, many of such drugs are misused as they are too often. This article covers some of the commonly used drugs around the globe.


Although alcohol is not addictive like some illegal drugs such as crystal meth and heroin, its use is still highly dangerous. Besides, even though it is not tremendously addictive, it poses enormous problems as many people use it in a harmful way. Some people are addicted to alcohol right away after starting to consume it, but for others, it takes time to develop before they start going downhill. According to some scientists such as Kolodny, the addiction to alcohol is unique in that there is a strong genetic component related to it. This act as one reason as to why heredity matter so much with alcoholism than with addiction to other drugs. If you want to know more about drug, you can find its details on research chemicals for sale.


Nicotine is not only the most accessible but also the most addictive as compared to alcohol. According to various studies, most people who get hooked are those who smoke a few times. On the same line, only a small proportion of individuals who can smoke concessionary without getting addicted. It does not matter whether you chew tobacco, or smoke cigars, once you become addicted to nicotine, quitting can be exceedingly difficult.


Opioids painkillers such as oxycontin, morphine, Percocet, and Vicodin have created a health catastrophe in some countries such as America. Prescriptions given to these highly addictive pain relievers, which are the heroin of low dosage, have been skyrocketing since the early 2000s. Consequently, there is an increased number of individuals per day from overdosing of the same legal drug. When it comes to its working, opioids bind to the receptors in the brain and the rest of the body, which helps to relieve pain. This makes them very effective in treating acute short-term illnesses like broken bones, resulting from a car accident.


This legal drug is highly effective that helps people to sleep. An individual can become dependent on it very easily, so one may be seeking for trouble by using it for more than one day. This means that once you start taking Ambien regularly, it will become almost impossible to fall asleep without it. Besides, taking it for weeks, months, or years can cause you to have terrible insomnia that can last for weeks.

Prescription cough syrup

The scientist asks patients to be careful, especially when they are on potent prescription cough syrup for sinusitis, bronchitis, or hay fever. This is because it has codeine, an opiate that an individual can get stuck too easily. So, it is wise for an individual to take only the recommended amount to avoid becoming addicted.

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