What is the difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL? (Scott Duncan - THE TENDER FOR LAW)

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 Scott Duncan 

January 1, 2014 · Toronto

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What is the difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL? 

To answer this question one must first answer the question, “What is LAW?”  

Social conditioning and the public discourse of lawyers is  intentionally designed to stop you from asking this question.  Here in  reality there have been many attempts to define it.  Law is just a  weasel-word catch-phrase. 

The works of Lord Lloyd of Hampstead,  most notably “Introduction to Jurisprudence”, poses the question whether  it's possible, or desirable to define LAW.  By 1972, when these works  were written, there was no accepted definition.  There are, however,  “proposed” definitions.   

One definition is that “LAW” is a  system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social  institutions to govern behaviour.   

Queen's Counsel, Glenville  Williams, said the meaning of the word law depends on the context in  which the word is used.  For example, early Customary law and Municipal  law are contexts where the word “LAW” have conflicting and  irreconcilable meanings.  A devout Muslim will consider the Q'uran and  the Hadiths LAW; however a quick examination of these “LAWS” will show  that they're incompatible with anything resembling a civilized society.    

In the end a conclusion is that LAW is anything that's written  down and upheld by the adherents of that writing.  It is the first MAXIM  of LAW;”If it is written, it is Law.”  It simply boils down to how many  people are willing to enforce it. 

Some “LAWS” are considered  universal.  Don't harm others.  Don't steal from others; and don't  deceive others.  Left at that point, the concept of LAW would be pretty  simple, as these are things that most of us do as a matter of course.    

If you are taking the time to read this article, I think it's a safe  assumption that you aren't doing it between bouts of robbery and murder.   Human beings, by their very nature (with some notable exceptions), are  inherently altruistic, and have empathy; thus making the whole not  killing people, not robbing people and not defrauding people, the de  facto state of the average Homo sapien.   

These universal laws  are essentially all Homo sapiens need to interact with each other.  If  you're not killing somebody, and you're not robbing somebody, and you're  not deceiving somebody, it is safe to presume that whatever you do is,  in fact, LAWFUL.   

So what does LEGAL mean? 

In Western  society LEGAL means Acts and Statutes enacted by Parliament/Congress  with the FORCE OF LAW, and with the consent of the governed. 

I  created THE TENDER FOR LAW to educate the general public as to what  money is; and the reason this is so important is that money is what  indicates your consent to be governed by LEGAL Acts and Statutes.    

If you are unfortunate enough to know a banker or a lawyer, great  entertainment can be had by asking the question, “What does this note is  LEGAL Tender mean?”, and watching them trying to sputter out an answer.   Lawyers will give long, convoluted explanations with bullshit piled on  top of bullshit.  When they are finished with their deliberately wrong  answer, point to the words and ask, “Which word says all that? Is it the  words, “this note”?  No?  What about the words, LEGAL Tender?  What  does that mean?”  That is why this group is called THE TENDER FOR LAW.   


If you partake in any financial transaction, LEGALLY the only consideration is who must pay.   

LEGAL = Accounting and Surety 

Surety simply means “responsible party”.    

None of this is ever taught to you in school, and as the Money as Debt  series has taught you, neither is monetary theory.  This is done with a  very insidious intent.  To understand what this insidious intent is, I  must explain how I managed to avoid it. 

To do this I must snap back to a childhood vignette.    

Many readers will know the familiar feeling of having contempt for your  parents.  Allow me to give you a few more.  My father (John Wayne  Duncan), was in his mid-twenties and living in Belleville, Ontario.  He  had moved there from London, Ontario, to take a job with Canadian  National Railways.  We lived at 67 Village Drive, and my phone number  was 962-0377.  I remember these salient details because they were  hammered into my head, in case I was found wandering around, which I  tended to do.  My grandmother (Olga Jean Duncan), thought I was the  greatest thing that had ever blessed the earth; and whenever she was  around my whims were catered to, in excess.  From that time forward, she  was never shy about stating that “I was the favourite!”  From a child's  perspective, comparatively, my parents seemed to actually resent my  existence.  At that point in life, I had adopted several axioms which  hold true to this day. 

If you are under 20 years old, like it or  not, you are a child. If you're fortunate enough to be this age, let me  give you these axioms, and I guarantee your life will be of higher  quality.  Notice I call them axioms, and not laws (although since I'm  writing them down here, for this article, technically they are);   

1. EVERY ADULT IS LYING TO YOU – There are no exceptions to this rule.   Most lie because they don't want to admit they are ignorant of the  questions you're asking them. Many lie because they don't want you to  know certain things.  But in the end, they are all lying to you.  A lie  of omission is still a lie.  It's intent is to deceive.  I think I  covered that earlier in this article – see unlawful. 

2. IF YOU  POINT OUT TO THESE ADULTS THAT THEY ARE, IN FACT, LYING TO YOU, THEY  WILL INTENTIONALLY SEEK TO HARM YOU – There are no exceptions to this  rule. Nobody's feelings are more hurt than when their lies are exposed.   You may think this sounds hostile, but that's simply because you can't  tell the difference between what's true, and what feels good. 

Back to the childhood vignette...  

One day my father vetoed a purchase that my grandmother had made,  saying, “He needs to know the value of money.”  Unfortunately for all  parties involved, I was at the stage in my intellectual evolution where I  had reached the conclusion that the only way to successfully navigate  the world of liars, which I appeared to have been born into, was to lie  to them.  I mastered the art of deception at a very early age; and as  long as you focus on the fact that the deception is there to misdirect,  you can still see the world very clearly.  For one of the other  advantages I had at that point, was that I knew that knowledge is power.   The trick is not to let anyone know you're learning it. 

When my  grandmother agreed with my father's position, I was shocked and hurt,  until I remembered, “They're all lying to me”.  My only question is,  “Why are they all lying to me”?  It was shortly after that point that I  learned I wasn't criminally accountable for my actions.  Wait...what  were those words?  CRIMINALLY ACCOUNTABLE.  What the hell does CRIME  have to do with ACCOUNTING?  I had just spotted a trinity.  Money,  crime, accounting. 

Whenever I spotted interactive trinities I  studied each part, knowing they were connected to the other two parts.  I  dedicated the next two years, with the limited resources that I had, to  the study of these things. I knew NEVER to reveal that I was actually  thinking, because I saw what happened to kids that were discovered doing  that. That's when I discovered what money actually was. 

At that  time I was attending Parkdale Public School.  In those early days (Late  70's), “Truancy” was considered an offence; but it turns out that nobody  in a public library cares about truancy.  The librarians at the  Belleville Public Library, seeing me reference but never checking out  books, constantly checking references, looking up definitions of words,  and reading law, simply saw me as a smart, ambitious young man who's  “really going to go places when he grows up".   The lesson I hadn't  learned at that time was NEVER LET THEM TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY.   

Here's my example.  

Since my father was a Civil Engineer, designing a “dream house” and  building it across town, was a matter of simplicity.  That house had  been constructed, and we were living there.  By that point I was a  little terror, because somehow this man had convinced my grandmother  that “learning the value of money” was important.  When I stated that it  had no value, and was in fact debt, I found myself in a permanently  hostile environment. By that time my brother and sister had been born,  because my father was figuring out that he'd married a worthless bimbo,  and said worthless bimbo loved babies, but couldn't stand children.   When it looked like my father was going to call it quits, she invariably  got “knocked-up”.  My sister was an exact clone of her mother; and I  didn't know it at a time, but my brother would grow up to be one of the  bravest men I had ever known.  Sadly, I got all the brains. Many things  were denied me, because I dared declare that "money has no value".  

All I ever heard about was how they didn't have any money.  But I knew  money was worthless, and it bound you to a whole bunch of rules that  nobody in their right mind would want.  I continued ignoring school and  studying what was interesting to me; nobody had caught on to the library  scam yet.  Nobody knew where I went during the day when I was “truant”,  and since I was a child who didn't know counter-surveillance  techniques, I was unaware that my mother had commissioned a neighbour's  kid to follow me.  The little droplets of knowledge that I had, ended  when the police showed up and terrorized the librarians.  I was brought  home, the police commented on what a smart kid I was, and in the  preparation for some form of corporal punishment that my mother had  thought up, I pointed out that injuring me is a crime, but if I injured  her, it was not.  I told her I would never forgive her for what she had  taken away, and that if she ever denied me any knowledge ever again, I  would kill her... 

...and then I went back to playing dumb.  

For the first time in my life, everyone thought my mother was lying.   To this day, it is my fondest childhood memory. Nobody would accept that  I could put these concepts together. I got my first erection when I saw  fear in her eyes.  I was flooded with a flurry of emotion.  Nobody  believed her.  Everything she was saying was true, and nobody believed  her. They believed ME. I was just a dumb rebellious child, not someone  who'd figured out things, far too soon for their liking. 

From the  perspective of an adult it's pretty easy to play “dumb kid” as the  adults in question, had forgotten what it's like to be a child, and had  certainly forgotten how much their parents underestimated them.

Nobody believed her.  Why didn't anyone believe her?  She was an adult.   That's when I realized I didn't need a library, I had a laboratory.  

Be offensive, deceptive, and stupid – because that's what they  expected; which means they were always looking in the wrong direction.  I  studied that trinity.  I studied law, I studied crime, and I studied  money, because I was “not criminally accountable for my actions.”    

As I was going down this path to enlightenment, there was a  disproportionate air of concern from my grandmother.  I wouldn't find  out until I was thirteen exactly what that was.  At the time it was  just, if you keep doing what you're doing, apparently you're going to  miss out on something.  Something very important.  But when pressed on  the issue, every party would lie about it.  By that point I could spot  liars from a mile away.  Sometimes I couldn't spot what the lie was, I  could simply spot that when they said something that they knew wasn't  true, they couldn't hide it from me.  I learned more from people's lies  than I ever did from honesty.  I resented my parents for this.  Why  would they bring me into this world, filled with deception and lies,  where everyone thinks wrong, and values the wrong things? 

I knew the value of money.  It had none.  And I also found that it had conditions – see THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER.    

Those of you seeking liberty must learn law and accounting, because if  you don't you will believe a million lies.  We've often heard the  phrase, “No one is above the law"!  In reality, there are lots of people  above the law.  A Justice, for example, in Canada, has absolutely no  criminal liability for their actions; yet you are told we are all equal  under the law.  And you'll be told that it's necessary, etc., in order  to distract you from the actual mechanics.   

If someone is “above  the law”, then there is no law. It's fraud. A man/woman in a black  dress and a red sash doesn't have magical super-powers that puts him/her  “above the law” or above you; and these people possess no mental powers  that you don't; yet everyone blindly accepts their “authority”. Thank  your early childhood programming, and ESPECIALLY religion. It is your  early programming that makes you "believe" people are "above" you.  

Legally, "authority" simply refers to the author of a document.  You'll  find many of these contrary definitions throughout legal jurisprudence.  These are hidden-in-plain-sight lies that everyone BELIVES.  So if  you're a young man, or woman reading this, and you want the answer to  all the questions you may have about life, start with a foundation of  ALL BELIEF IS EVIL. 

If you BELIEVE something, it means you've  stopped investigating, or questioning it.  It means any research or  thought you had once intended to put into it – has ended. 

Belief  is the end of thought.  Those that believe, know this.  I can guarantee,  despite the fact that you, the reader, are just one of seven billion  people on this planet, you have at least once in your life heard the  phrase, “You think too much”. 

Take a moment and try and recall who told you that; and then you can tell me why all belief is evil.   

For those digging up records, the dream house my father built was at 84  Edgehill Road, Belleville, Ontario.  I used to attend Harry J. Clarke  Public School,  and regularly robbed Moira Secondary School for items  and materials needed for my actual education, not the public fool  system.  Those doing serious digging, will see me as “Scott Duncan”, in  yearbooks and records, etc.  

Because I love giving away the  ending of the story at the beginning, I will tell you right now that  John Scott Duncan was my legal name, but it was also a TITLE, and  therefore could not be used whilst I was a child in commerce. This  "TITLE" is not something everyone gets, and it must be CLAIMED, and the  claimant must be "worthy". There is a reason you are referred to as  MASTER as opposed to MISTER when you are a child.  We'll cover that, and  a bunch of shit attached to that, in a future article. It turned out  for ME, that my name, itself, had a different standing legally.  All  this knowledge I had as a child.  Now you are getting it; and you didn't  even have to work for it. 

Let's snap back to the present again.  

At this writing, the year is 2014 of what is generally known as the  Common Era.  It used to mean Anno Domini, which apparently referred to a  rape-baby that had a bad weekend for your “sins” (He didn't "die",  according to the evil fairy tale. He "came back to life").  Let me take a  second and do my regular bout of Christian-bashing and point out that  if you're Christian your ideology is based on what is allegedly the word  of a man who declared “Thou shalt not commit adultery”, and then went  on to knock-up some other guy's wife in her sleep; which has the added  bonus of being rape.  If you're a Christian, you won't understand why I  think you're just an evil piece-of-shit. 

All belief is evil.  Christian belief is particularly bad. 

Say what you want about Muslims, but their beliefs are based on the teachings of someone that actually existed.   

...but I digress... 

All belief is evil.  I've simply mastered the art of showing you why.    

The founders of the United States actually formed their Republic to  escape the “money as debt” system.  They failed.  At this writing there  is over a trillion dollar Trade Deficit, and this once-free Republic  that was the bastion of invention, innovation and productivity is now  just a nation of debt, and the enforcement thereof.  Virtually half the  employed Americans today directly or indirectly work for the government,  doing nothing but creating and enforcing policy.  Canada is not far  behind. 

Look at where the United States was twenty years ago, and that's where Canada is now.  

I seem to have entered a period of my life where those in my past, who  said I was crazy, are now coming back and saying, “You were right”!    

Verily I say to those that knew me in the past, who are now coming out  of the woodwork seeking answers from me; stop now, because "I'm sorry"  isn't good enough any more. I already spent the time trying to teach  you; TIME I WILL NOT GET BACK, and you couldn't be bothered to listen.  If you make the attempt, I WILL harm you.  Consider that PROPER NOTICE  and govern yourselves accordingly.  You're lucky you are even getting  this. Be grateful. (Because I don't get that time back, you will PAY me  first. Not with fiat currency, but in labour. HARD labour. A navy  doesn't maintain itself, and there is a LOT of nasty/dangerous shit to  do on a boat, that is just perfect for someone who dared waste my  precious time!) 

Because as I said before, I don't possess any  mental powers you don't; and if you couldn't be bothered to listen the  first time, then you have already chosen your side.  In the end, war is  coming, and it will be a war between “thinkers” and “believers”, not  good and evil.  To quote Ben Stiller in Zero Effect, "There aren't any  good guys.  You realize that don't you?  I mean you realize there aren't  evil guys, and innocent guys.
It's just, it's just...it's just a bunch of guys."  

Thinking and believing are mutually exclusive.  They shall forever be  in conflict.  All that is “legal” relies on belief.  Legal has nothing  to do with right and wrong.  It always has to do with money.