Goodbye to the Legacy Media

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Thanks to YouTube and a catalogue of other online social media services, the legacy media looks like it may have finally had its day. By legacy media, I mean the old guard of entertainment, classic television and cable, it no longer has the monopoly on the marketplace, their stranglehold is no longer as effective, people (especially younger people) now consume media in completely different ways. They don't settle down at 7pm a slave to the TV schedule where the narrative is drilled into them night after night, there is too much choice and that choice is only growing in the online arena.

Companies like CNN, BBC, ABC, MSNBC have no journalistic integrity, they have been bought and paid for, they are just a mouthpiece for their corporate overloads, spouting dishonesty and misinformation daily and relentlessly just to keep us peasants on track and towing the line and following the script and straying from the script can end you up getting doxxed by CNN because you post something on twitter they deem as mean.

Thankfully though, people are waking up to this as viewing figures for CNN this year have plummeted and are now (Jul 2017) at the same level as repeats of Yogi Bear, they are hemorrhaging money, losing staff left and right, their credibility is in the toilet and they are circling the drain all due to their dishonesty and the complacent attitude towards their subscribers, if it wasn't for US airports, CNN probably wouldn't even have the figures they do, they are generous at best.

I have cancelled my TV license, got rid of my TV and moved onto the internet, I like it better here. :-)

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