Just joined Steemit after extreme censorship by Facebook.

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Hey folks, I just joined. Still figuring things out. Finally reached my breaking point with Facebook - Well, in fact, I've been exploring other platforms for awhile now. But I recently did a video on the extreme censorship anti-establishment voices like myself have been receiving on Facebook, and they responded by pulling it down and telling people it looked like spam. (So I guess they proved my point.) I have 335,000 follows there, but they hardly show my posts to anyone. It's clearly time to move on to a better way of communicating. I hope Steemit is the place.

  • Lee
    (host of "Redacted Tonight")

Welcome to Steemit @leecamp
They'll be no censorship here mate.
I started a new tag recently #nomorefakenews so like minded folks can find posts written by seekers of the truth. Please feel free to use it where appropriate.
Best of luck on your Steemit journey dude.

Sadly, plenty of spammers though.

You're always going to get that nowadays especially when money is involved.

Welcome Lee! We are all new at this one together it looks like. And yes. F**k Facebook.

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Introductory Steemit Post:

Hi Steemit, My Name Is Elizabeth Vos, Journalist and Editor In Chief at… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Yay! I think I'm going to like it here, all my favorite peeps are all in one uncensored, un-fucked-by-corporate-influence place :)

@leecamp - You're in the right place. Decentralization is the key to disintermediating these political parasites. Once people figure out this censorship resistant platform will also pay you, the days of FB, Twitter and the others will be numbered.

Absolutely. Facebook and Twitter are done, they just don't realise it yet.

Well this is the best news I've heard all day! Welcome to the Steem Blockchain Lee <3 Very happy to see you here :)

Welcome Lee. You make the news bearable. Thanks.

So true.


Remember uploading a jpg of Mikhail Bakunin quote and wouldn't work, good ol' 2011.

Welcome to Steemit.com!

Been waiting for you to get on here!

Love your show on RT!

Upvoted, Followed and Resteemed!

When I started FFRnews a few weeks before the 2016 presidential election I experienced growth of over 50 new followers daily. After the call to stop the spread of "fake news" Facebook stopped permitting me to advertise and limited the reach of my posts. It got to the point where it was not worth posting any longer. This is why platforms like Steemit are so important. Blockchain technology, that seemingly can't be censored, is going to change the world.

It's really like that on Facebook! I know bro... Their algorithms are absolutely ridiculous... Glad you decided to finally get off and come here.

I literally deleted (not deactivated- deleted) my Facebook account over 6 months ago, roughly around the time I decided to join Steemit. Best decision I ever made...

I think I've only accidentally hit Ctrl+T + F like 4 or 5 days since then. (Old Habits Die Hard, right?)

Never had the urge to go back on there... It's garbage designed to drain us of our energy and turn us into little dopamine rats for their social experiments.

hey lee -- heard about you from Suzie! Glad you are here. If you need a hand with getting up to speed on stuff here, I am at your service. I spent about 6 months making mistakes before I figured things out and got better at building my audience, engagement and steem power. I would hope I could keep you from repeating my mistakes. I'm a former journalist from Canada... economics, accountability, corruption, Indigenous issues are my wheelhouse. There's more on my blog if you want to check me out. Soo glad you made it here. It's a new day! The censorship and the gameplaying that occurs with Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Youtube have no place here. It's an honest platform with integrity. Take care! And get in touch if you have any questions.

Hey Lee, welcome to Steemit - I have just joined up myself this January. Long term fan of Moment of Clarity, I have a signed copy of your book where you did a gig in the back of beyond in Northern England years ago. Your new show is brilliant. I hope you will get active here as the site could really do with people like you.

Lee!!!!! I am so happy to see you here.
Every time I tweet at you I get followed by porn bots.

Definitely not the audience I need trying to hosting all this kid friendly family gaming stuff.
So I honestly gave up and also moved elsewhere.

Be sure to check out @Zappl and all the other awesome addons to the main site. ^w^v
Human ingenuity at its best.
(Celebrate the peeps)

So yes all that said.

We are so happy to have you join us and help make this platform a place worth staying and chatting in. ^w^v Thanks for being a voice in discussing everything honestly and openly.

Damn, another heavy-hitter joins the club. Welcome home!

Hey Lee. To hell with Facebook and their Zuckerbot programming. I haven't seen anything from you on there for months. I have to go and look for it. Even YouTube buries your videos. This platform is just taking off. I think you'll love it once you get the hang of it. I didn't understand it for a while, but I'm slowly getting hooked. Keep fighting. I love your work.

Nice hashtags you got there #Lee # Camp #redacted # tonight....LOLz

Welcome to Steemit ..love your show !!


Lee Camp is on Steemit!!Right after Elizabeth Leavos,what a day! F*ck Facebook and their censorship,we will win this battle! (PS: someone please bring Jimmy Dore and Abby Martin on board as well!)

Welcome! Good move, plenty of potential here! Ditched FB along time ago. Get out while you still can!
Though one must still be careful (or not) to not earn the wrath of a whale who could down vote you to hell, at least outright political censorship is not built into the system here..
Get your videos onto dlive too!

LEE!!! I am so happy you are over here! I don't do any other platform besides Minds and Steemit, Steemit is my favorite. Welcome and thanks for joining!

Welcome @leecamp, we've been waiting for you! :)


You are doing a great job with “Redacted Tonight” and You will like it here, no doubt.

Now, if you could also bring Abby Martin here…

What I find interesting is that Facebook censors specific ads and news, so it comes down to 2 issues:

  • Ads about cryptocurrencies and other topics that are valid, although lacking in substance and potentially harmful for the user
  • Ads that promote fake news and/or stories that are fake. These usually do deceive the user, which is a huge issue for American politics

However, Steemit is a really great site that allows for many sides of experience and opinions. I think you'll enjoy it here. Have fun @leecamp !

The only comedian I listen to anymore @leecamp

Glad you moved over! Phase 2: Start posting here first!

Great to see you here @leecamp I took note as soon as I saw @suzi3d post that you were taking the plunge here to the Steemit platform. And yes, the censorship is out of control over on FB and youtube. One has to be pretty creative to get the real news out there but here on Steemit it is a whole new ballgame. Looking forward to your posts.

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Welcome to Steemit @leecamp - the last refuge of the unjustly censored. You are in some great company here with the likes of @lukewearechange, @corbettreport, @pressfortruth, @sarahabed, @caitlinjohnstone and many, many more.

Welcome to the future of social media where there is no cencorship and you can even earn a long the way.

Welcome! I do enjoy your work. Glad you're here.

Welcome to the community Lee. Looking forward to following your work here, where this is no censorship (at least to the level of FB)

Steemit is the place. And the money isn't bad. Good luck and welcome! I haven't run into your stuff yet but I'll have to take a look. I have my own show/blog and you'll find a ton of talented content creators here (I'm not one of them).

I'll give you a follow. Good luck again.

Welcome to Steemit @leecamp

I encourage you to join the Minnow Support Network. It's free and you'll find lot's of people waiting to support you and help you get started. You will find lot's a truthers within the group. Here is some information.



You can get started with PAL & Minnow by joining this chat group on Discord - https://discord.gg/6N54x3

Excellent! I hope this proves to be a useful platform for you. You have another follower here. Maybe we will see redacted tonight on D.Tube eventually too? :)

Welcome bro...suckerburg can stick it where the sun don't shine!

Facebook and YouTube seem to be going downhill. Good move looking for another platform to post on.

Welcome to Steemit Lee. I've been following you on Twitter for a while so looking forward to your future posts. There is/was a Twitter type thing running off the Steem blockchain called Zappl which you might be interested in too. $170 for your 1st one paragraph post. Not too shabby !! In a week you'll have more Steempower than me but I'm not bitter ;-)

Lee has finally camped himself at steemit.... Wooshkaaaaa

Oh you're on RT so obviously you're taking your marching orders from Putin himself, you Russian colluding person you! ;-)

awesome welcome. I am here for a little over a month and love it.

Welcome to Steemit @leecamp I too feel like you about Facebook!!!


It's healthy to sneeze very hard before you do that . :-D
... and blow the dust away

Sweeeet! Welcome to Steemit Lee!!! This place is AWESOME :D

Welcome aboard, @leecamp! You're going to love the freedom of uncensored speech here...

Have at it!!

Great to have you here @leecamp. Yeah, once you stay here awhile you'll never look back at things like FB :)

A lot of folks whose opinions I value seem to be familiar with your work.

I'll take a follow and see what crops up in my feed.

I do hope it's what they suggest it is.

Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome Lee!

I didn't know you existed I never used Facebook. But from the looks of it you are someone that i need to keep on my radar.

I'm new to steemit, social media as a whole and als new to crypto currency so i'm having a battle with about everything. But if this is a FB killer then i need to master this wild animal.

I still have a few concerns about Steemit, as it seems to have a lot of similarities to the 'Chinese' and western worlds Social Credit system
But i hope that i'm wrong, and if not then I hope i'm the first who's making a big deal out of it. :-)

Some info on Social credit

And proof that it's not just a 'China thing'

China is just a littlebit ahead of the game. The big difference is that China is at least open about it. Where here in the west companies and governments roll it out in secret. And some companies don't even realise that they are using something that works just like it.

Welcome to Steemit buddy we follow each other on Twitter still one of my favorite political comedy shows! :) Come join @Suzi3d's Steemit group! I am also working with the wonderful minds Christopher Kramer and Adrian Rosenbusch to create a new social media dashboard and network called onG.Social. I am fixing this problem ActivistPost and the rest of the alternative media are all being hit with the demonetization of FB, Google etc. But I vowed to help fix this have no fear AK is here. ;)

Hello, thanks for coming to steemit. I'm looking forward to reading your work.

FB morons said my share from the Vintage News about Babylonian trigonometry was "spam"

I would appreciate it if you would follow me! ...I followed you and up voted!! Good luck!!!

Seems like a pretty common story anymore. Welcome to the shit show.

I am very pleased to see you make this transition to this platform! I hope we soon see Chris Hedges, Jimmy Dore, Kyle Kulinski, and other truth tellers, also make the move.

Together we will expose the establishment and help collaborate to make more equitable, democratic systems.

Great, I wish you lot of followers here!

hey lee... letting you know we (@antimedia) joined steemit today. mintpress is next. :)

What if I could write you a script that ran in the context of your facebook home page, that could send a static message to each of your FB followers? It would take possibly days to do all 225K of them, because it would iterate through them and for each one simulate a hover event on the follower link, simulate a click on the message link, stuff the input with text and simulate an enter keypress to send the message. I'm not sure if FB imposes daily limits on messages, if they do obviously that would slow it down. I'm not absolutely certain it's possible but I played around with a couple constructs that were very promising. If it's not, an app hosting an IWebBrowser2 component would be capable of simulating user input to give you a way to reach out to all your followers programmatically, without being subject to fascist censorship BS.

Welcome. Hope you lay out the unfettered truth on us all here. Need it.

Good submission, steemit is indeed the right place to impact greatly on humanity in diverse areas of life sych as;human capacity building, business development, health care education, relationship issues, technological innovations, tourism, global climate change campaign, sex education, global peace and leadership innitiatives, and to crown it all life solution issues. If steemit were to be a nation, it would have been one of the most strongest nations on earth. Because on steemit you can get everything that concerns humanity, politics, economy, science and technology, environment, etc. I shall promote this platform in every way it will impact humanity positively. Keep it up.

Just saw you joined, and checked this out. I dropped out of Fedbook a year and a half ago. I'm a political activist and I literally had my account banned five times. Then I saw a post for Steem, tried it, and barely ever go back. Facebook is a shithole. This place can be frustrating to get started, but your words stay on the block.

Also, check out d.tube if you haven't already it. It's the Steem equivalent of youtube, but it's ipfs, so it's a lot more censorship resistant. It's also monetized by Steem so corporate sponsors can piss off and content creators are still ok.

Welcome to Steemit, @leecamp. It is the right place :)

Welcome, Lee.
Power to you and anyone coming from that platform who is looking to communicate openly and honestly for the greater good.

Wow welcome aboard Lee, I just recently uploaded one of your comedy vlogs to my Youtube channel a week ago & now I can connect & follow your content here. Hopefully you get a Dtube channel as well :) Happy Steemin

Welcome!!!! Can you please get Jimmy Dore to post here too. We need truth tellers like you to be on platforms that can not be censored or demonetized.
Thanks for showing up here and sharing truth w/ a side of humor to boot!
<3 Cheryl

Hi Lee. Enjoy your work. You regularly share my articles on Twitter, hope you will consider following me back. Welcome to Steemit

Welcome Lee! I am sure glad to have you here. I watch RT every now and then and have enjoyed every episode seen so far. I hope you can make a home for all your content here. There's @dtube for videos, @dmania for #Gifs and #memes, @dlive for live-streaming, and other application are still in development on the Steem Blockchain that you may find very useful. Do try to bring those 335K followers here, to the @Steemit party. The more, the merrier!

Nice to see you here. I still remember an interaction we had years ago via email regarding abortion and your thoughts about it. I really appreciated your perspective and input.

I'll give you a follow and see what you got.

Fuck Facebook steem is the place to be.

Welcome Lee! Took you long enough!! 🤣
Now, I need your mate, Jimmy Dore, to hop on.

So good to see you here! I'm sure you're going to love it <3

Well, slap my face can call me Harvy! Lee Camp! So glad you are here!

Dude, I'm so glad that you joined our community. We need content creators like you to promote decentralization. This so awesome!

Welcome to Steemit.

No censorship here my friend! :-)

Wow, welcome! Glad you've found your way here :)

Hi Lee welcome to Steemit! Its about time!

Did a great job.

Hi Lee. Long time fan of your show. Keep fighting!

oh hi! nice seeing you over here. :)

I'm really happy to see you here. I was sort of exploring this platform past few days, not sure if I can find my place here, as I couldn't find anyone of the sources I follow elsewhere, using it. you coming over gives me hope. plus, now I have a reason to check in every day..

Hello, I just joined too and have a truther type book coming out soon but mostly doing music- will follow you for sure. Stay strong- you are a great light in this capitalistic darkness. If only we can allow scientists to change people's brains then we could change the world. In the meantime we'll continue doing whatever we can to change the systems that enslave us. Thanks for all your hard work and truth.

Hi Lee,

Thank you so much for everything you have done.

  • Your commentary on the state of things is so poignant, it has taken the place of the daily show in my digest of current events (the loss of Jon helped of course)
  • Your giving voice to people with alternative points of view, that the world desperately needs to hear.
  • And finally introducing me to the infinitely promising potential of this platform (I dropped facebook a decade ago decrying its infinite corruptibility) for which I have been awaiting for so long.

This is my first post, to you, (I very rarely post on youtube for similar reasons to facebook) and on this site (just got my account verified, thanks steemit) and I very much look forward to increased participation in 'the cause'... 'keep fighting'!

Block chain technology is lighting a few of the brightest lights that shine in this ever increasing shroud of darkness, so my thanks also go out to all those who participate, and to Yoshi Nakamura, whoever they may be, I am willing to bet they are part of this community.


This is my very first comment here. So far, I find it very involved, maybe too much so. I also registered with BitChute. It has zero censorship, and it is very simple for the user. Registration is immediate. Bottomline, I am just really glad people are attempting to build alternatives to corporate censored and controlled social media.

Lee, The first time I heard the word Steemit was from you on Redacted Tonight. Then I saw it take off! Caitlin Johnstone then Jimmy Dore now me. I just finished the sign up process and this is my first post. THANKS!

Welcome to the crew buddy. My wife and I really enjoy your show. Good luck here on Steemit!

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