Just joined Steemit after extreme censorship by Facebook.

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Hey folks, I just joined. Still figuring things out. Finally reached my breaking point with Facebook - Well, in fact, I've been exploring other platforms for awhile now. But I recently did a video on the extreme censorship anti-establishment voices like myself have been receiving on Facebook, and they responded by pulling it down and telling people it looked like spam. (So I guess they proved my point.) I have 335,000 follows there, but they hardly show my posts to anyone. It's clearly time to move on to a better way of communicating. I hope Steemit is the place.

  • Lee
    (host of "Redacted Tonight")

Welcome to Steemit @leecamp
They'll be no censorship here mate.
I started a new tag recently #nomorefakenews so like minded folks can find posts written by seekers of the truth. Please feel free to use it where appropriate.
Best of luck on your Steemit journey dude.

Sadly, plenty of spammers though.

You're always going to get that nowadays especially when money is involved.

Welcome Lee! We are all new at this one together it looks like. And yes. F**k Facebook.

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Yay! I think I'm going to like it here, all my favorite peeps are all in one uncensored, un-fucked-by-corporate-influence place :)

@leecamp - You're in the right place. Decentralization is the key to disintermediating these political parasites. Once people figure out this censorship resistant platform will also pay you, the days of FB, Twitter and the others will be numbered.

Absolutely. Facebook and Twitter are done, they just don't realise it yet.

Well this is the best news I've heard all day! Welcome to the Steem Blockchain Lee <3 Very happy to see you here :)

Welcome Lee. You make the news bearable. Thanks.

So true.


Remember uploading a jpg of Mikhail Bakunin quote and wouldn't work, good ol' 2011.

Welcome to Steemit.com!

Been waiting for you to get on here!

Love your show on RT!

Upvoted, Followed and Resteemed!

When I started FFRnews a few weeks before the 2016 presidential election I experienced growth of over 50 new followers daily. After the call to stop the spread of "fake news" Facebook stopped permitting me to advertise and limited the reach of my posts. It got to the point where it was not worth posting any longer. This is why platforms like Steemit are so important. Blockchain technology, that seemingly can't be censored, is going to change the world.

It's really like that on Facebook! I know bro... Their algorithms are absolutely ridiculous... Glad you decided to finally get off and come here.

I literally deleted (not deactivated- deleted) my Facebook account over 6 months ago, roughly around the time I decided to join Steemit. Best decision I ever made...

I think I've only accidentally hit Ctrl+T + F like 4 or 5 days since then. (Old Habits Die Hard, right?)

Never had the urge to go back on there... It's garbage designed to drain us of our energy and turn us into little dopamine rats for their social experiments.

hey lee -- heard about you from Suzie! Glad you are here. If you need a hand with getting up to speed on stuff here, I am at your service. I spent about 6 months making mistakes before I figured things out and got better at building my audience, engagement and steem power. I would hope I could keep you from repeating my mistakes. I'm a former journalist from Canada... economics, accountability, corruption, Indigenous issues are my wheelhouse. There's more on my blog if you want to check me out. Soo glad you made it here. It's a new day! The censorship and the gameplaying that occurs with Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Youtube have no place here. It's an honest platform with integrity. Take care! And get in touch if you have any questions.

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