Resignation of PM Saad Hariri leaves Lebanon vulnerable - Specter of War Emerges

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With the recent resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri from Lebanon, this has left sovereign state extremely vulnerable as Israel and Saudi Arabia buckle down and try to isolate their shared enemy - the Iranian-backed Hezbollah Movement, which happens to originate from Lebanon. This is no doubt a result of one particular prince who's was taken to the media by storm - Saudi Arabia's 'impetuous' Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

With his swift purge of corrupt politicians and officials all throughout his region, including government officials and prominent businessmen, Lebenon's now fragile political infrastructure is one of the results.

We all know what comes next. Whenever a government is made vulnerable, the people start creating uprising, rioting, and much more. Stay tuned as we see what unfolds next in the middle east -the area we know from the Bible will play a major role in the upcoming Battle of Armageddon.

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Definitely ,going to follow this story

We'll see what this leads to.

Lebanon was hardly stable to begin with, so this is gas on a fire.





Here comes the

Hopefully both nations will make wise decisions about the solution to their problems...


Time will tell.

Might lead to an interesting event!

I think with the tension across the world we could cut steel with it!


Yes, every nation has a knife to their throat.


Thanks for sharing. I am curious what this will come to.

Interesting developments.

so much turmoil going on..