Leave Your Love

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The first occasion when I saw the sun reflects where the impressions of the sun, or the water spilling out of my hand as though to stop my time quit attempting to stop what would it be advisable for me to state? Why I just began to look once again the mists.

There must be a clarification for the majority of this present, it's a joke, simply bring in some time, or is it insane? I will hold up some time. definitely, yet most likely he will call, furious before him, would it be such a joke, this time makes me so irate yet I will take my heart.

I'm going to state we're both disturbed once more, uh, I know the telephone's working, I knew it. why call me. He didn't call or it was genuine or we actually left, truth be told, this is inadmissible, regardless of whether one wants to leave on the telephone.

I surmise I can't be content with this one either, and now it's over for me, no disgrace, I won't take a gander at the telephone any longer.

What was that sound, or would it say it was a message or a message or something, what's it, damn all of you?

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I'm going to say we're both annoyed once again, regardless of whether or not he wants to leave the phone, that's unacceptable.