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What is an Autodidact?

Hopefully somebody can identify this figure and his works! This is one of the most well known autodidacts that I am fond of. Leonardo DaVinci has an extremely profound impact on my life. I carry his idea of self-teaching into my life and try to implement it into anything that I take action toward.

What is autodidactism?

This is the action of taking on self-studying! It is similar to informal schooling, but different. Typically the teacher is the environment or anything that the padawan must pick up through life's lessons. Leonardo would walk around the streets formulating pictures in his head from moving objects. He would take a mental snip it of a bird flying and draw it mid flight, for a challenge. That is autodidactism! It is the beauty of self-referral, self-criticism, and self-growth! Leo would actually take carcasses apart to have a better understanding of the biological system. He started with smaller rodents, but later he was able to draw the innards of even humans!


I attend University at the moment for Computer Science. Noticing how the system flows a little bit, I realized that the professors typically assign homework, assign reading assignments, and have kids sit in lectures. I say veto the lectures and just go ahead and struggle on my own. Struggling is the best teacher! Never had to pay the bills? When you miss your first one, you'll learn. EzPz.

Anyway, I had the thought and wanted to reach out to any other autodidacts! I love hearing beliefs and processes others take to come to solutions and progress themselves intrinsically.

Comment below with your stories! How do you learn? What methods do you enjoy? Give some love and upvote!

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