What are your favorite resources for continued learning?

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My first favorite resource for learning is Google search which is probably on all user's first choice. Whenever i need to know anything, firstly i search it on google. I often need to search on google to learn about many thing like pc  problems, android problems and tips etc. And most of the time i get the accurate result which i need.

But sometime i don't get the result which i want or i need to see video tutorial for solution. At that time i knock on my second favorite resource which is Youtube. For pc problem solving or android problem solving or to learn anything i always keep youtube on my first choice. I am learning java now sitting at home seeing youtube video tutorial.

And the most interesting thing is, when i started on steemit i knew nothing about it. But i kept researching on things of steemit through google and youtube. Though there wasn't enough video on youtube to learn but google helped me a lot finding written tutorials over steemit. And the credit goes to all those good content creators of steemit who used to share things about steemit for newbies.

This is the end of my blog. Thanks for your time to read my blog.

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my book first, then internet

Google and YouTube are definitely my top two. Especially YouTube makes it super easy to go down the rabbit hole and dive deep on a topic!

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